Written by Anon

15 Jun 2013

My version

After receiving a reply from him- one of many - I replied to his. We chatted and exchanged pics (face pics). After a lot of mail back and forth. We made arrangements to meet the one Friday morning.

It was only coffee so no pressure.

As I sat at home that morning not having any contact from him, thinking he was not coming. Thinking okay, something must have happened, work matter or something urgent. I receive mail...I'm almost there...see you soon.

I rush to get done...leaving the clothes I had on - tracksuit pants, tshirt, takkies...and a few other things I rush out of the house. And we still mailing each other. I get to the parking area ...and mail him what kind of car I have.

I'm getting ready to mail him again...when I hear and see this guy walking up to my car. I get out ...expecting a hug and a kiss...hello. He grabs my face and gives me this deep kiss....I was chocked and a bit surprised. But I liked it.

I was so nervous....you would not believe it...and when he asked me....I lied and said i was cold but I think he knew, he could see it.

I'm afraid that we never even went inside the centre, we spoke about life and families and everything else. And the conversation flowed really easily, he was easy to talk to. And a big plus for him...he makes me laugh. And lots of kisses and hugs later the more he pulled me close for a hug or a kiss, the longer they got each time.

But when the kisses stopped ...I was nervous all over again....hands soaking. I don't think I did so well trying to hide that. Lol

I tell him its getting late and that I have to go. Door open and there I am sitting with one leg out of the car he...squats down beside me, for that (what I'm thinking) final kiss goodbye.

We kissed...and the kiss became longer and more intense...I feel his hand...moving up my leg...to my pussy. I make no attempt at all to stop him.

Reaching my pussy....well do I need to say more.

Touching pussy through my pants...which I thought might have been difficult but I was so wrong.

I was not worried...at that time if anyone saw us...or who walked passed us. I just did not care.

After that fantastic orgasm.....he kissed me so softly.

And after saying goodbye again....I left.

With a smile on my face. But a bit disappointed that I could not return the favour with a bj.

But that a story for next time....I'm sure you can read his one for now or maybe you have read it already.