Written by anon

11 Jun 2013

I decided to take a chance and email a lady here on Swinging Heaven,it must be said my previous attempts had proved fruitless.Perhaps it was the approach ,even though I tried to be vreative and witty ...well as creative and witty as possible.

Anyhow I sent a message keeping it simple and no that doesn't mean here is a pic of my man parts and a crude message suggesting the use thereof .....and no response SURPRISE!! Now for some reason I decided to try a second and last time and surprise surprise a response and a positive one at that .

By now you all know how this goes a few messages exhanged here then onto another level before that first meeting.

So there I was waiting in the parking lot as requested ...I suspect she wanted to get a look and if need been would be able to peal rubber and exit quickly.

Anyhow at the appointed time a few messages exhanged and there I was walking over to her car ,she obviously wasn't to put off cause the engin was off. She got out and offered her hand for a handshake introducing herself.I don't know what came over me but I leant in and kissed her not just a quick hello how are you kiss but a deep kiss.We both stepped back and looked at each other and started talking getting to know you stuff but every now and then I would pull her close and kiss her again she reponded each and everytime with a little more enthusiasm.

We never moved into the centre just stood there chatting soon an hour had passed and we both knew it was time to get going.Another deep kiss and she opened her car door and sat down one leg in and one leg out still chatting ... i squtted down and leaning in for one last farewell kiss put my hands on her leg above her knee ..for the record she was wearing tracksuit pants well the farewell kiss becaming a tongue duelling affair and i rubbed and carressed her thigh waiting for her to stop the kiss ...I sure as hell wasn't going too she is a great kisser.

I decided what the hell and slid my right hand up between her spread legs and felt the heat from her radiating through the material i rubbed her gently yet with enough pressure to feel her tense still we kissed ....I rubbed harder the kiss became more intense keeping up what i hope was a constant rthym I continued to rub her tracksuit and panty covered crotch not daring to go further for fear of breaking the spell we kissed and kissed as i rubbed insitently could i feel moisture through those layers .....she broke the kiss and nuzzled my neck a small sigh escaped her lips and a shiver passed through her body as she came....I kissed her again and leaned back the glassy look and flush to her cheeks told me that she was in tha post orgasmic state that we all long for.

I kissed her gently and move back allowing her to put her leg in the car a nother round of farewells and off she drove.

I had a hardon and my balls ached for release but that was to be seen to a few days later. And thats another story