Written by stormy

28 Apr 2013

..one day i decided to be a little adventurous ... looking through a few profiles .. i ended up ,picking a random nick name that i liked (no profile picture) and asked the dude politely if he wanted to hook up for a sexual encounter .. stipulating that there were a few rules !

the rules were as follows :

when arriving at the house ..he was to knock on the door and stand with his back towards it ..allowing me to blindfold him ..and he wasn't allowed to remove it

oddly enough he agreed .. lol

i had to trust that he would keep his word , and he had to trust that there would be no hidden surprises awaiting him

after texting him through out his journey with step by step directions .. he finally knocked at the door

oh my gawd .. it hit me .. i was actually gonna do this .. sex with a complete stranger .. i didn't even know his name

anyway ... back to my story ... lol ..

he kept his word ..and i blindfolded him

i then lead him to the bedroom and i undressed him ..

at first i just at sat staring at him .. i was so nervous .. after all .. it was the first time i had done something like this

i couldn't keep it in anymore .. i giggled .. seeing this naked man in front of me .. and well that "giggle" kinda broke the ice ..

blindfolded ..his hands eventually found my body ..

i still couldn't believe .. that one of my fantasies were actually coming true.. lol

He made his way to my honey pot and muffed me ... it was good ..

and i gave him a blow job ..as he put it ..it was out of this world ..

we had full on intercourse ..and yes ..he used a condom

once we were both sexually satisfied .. i made us each a cuppa coffee

and we ended up laying on the bed ..sharing a smoke ,chatting and discussing the whole experience

as if we had known each other for years ...

he said it was his first time doing something like that too ..

it was great

but sadly it was nearly time for him to leave ... so i helped him get dressed .. well he was still blindfolded.. lol

i then led him back to the front door ...opened up , led him out .. making sure his back was facing me ..i carefully removed his blindfold ...and closed the door behind me ... he proceeded to walk to his car .. and i watched as he drove away through the kitchen window ...

twas a great experience ... one which i will never forget ..don't think he will either ..lol

a week later .. i ended up chatting to him again on the net .. and well ..i eventually found out his name

he asked if we could hook up again ...

and well i declined ..

it wasn't because i didn't enjoy it but because it was a once off thing

we still chat every now and then ..and we consider ourselves to be "friends"


ps: this story is based on an actual experience .. happened about a year ago

ag not many people are interested in chatting ..so i ended up here !

hope my story inspires you to trust a stranger some day