Written by hot mamma

20 Jan 2013

hi this is a true storie it happend to me 2 weeks back . my husband is working out of the country he works 3 months away and comes home for 3 weeks we do have a great relationship and i am not really a girl thet wil cheat on him but 2 weeks back my husband was already cone for 2 months so when ever i need or feel the need to please myself i do but i would cheat so 2 weeks back i went to the mall to get some stuff i am a 32 year old woman and i am stil looking like a 23 year old so as i was in one of the stores i was standing in the line to pay and at the back of me stand a young lad that was 21 years old so when i left the til i have left my cellfhone on the counter so i went to the car not knowing my fhone is not with me . i drove to my home when i got there i realist i lost my fhone and i panic becuese that was the only way i can get hold of my husband i rushed to my friend and ask if i can use her fhone to fhone . she siad yes and when i fhoned this 21 year old boy that was standing behind me in the shop answerd and siad he got my fhone and told me i left it in the shop i was glad and greatful so i told him i wil drive to him to fetch my fhone he give me the addres. when i arrived he opened and siad his name is jhon i siad hi my name is chantel and i told him thans for the fhone we went in he got the fhone and hje ask if i would want a driink becuese he is alone for the weekend he siad his parants is gone for the weekend and he would like some compenie . i tought i at least can stay a littel so we talk and he ask me about my life and i ask him .then he siad he wil be back now after about 5 min he comes without a shirt and just pants he told me it was to warm and he was builded good so i started to get hot but i try too shoock the feeling of the he ask if i ever had a younger guy and i told him a must go this is not right and i told him thanks for the fhone again .when i reach the door he grab me and start kissing me i tried to ressist

but i was so horny and it felt goon i just gave in he kissed me and took me too the living room then he took off my blouse and jeans i was standing in front of a 21 year old boy with my g-string and bra he kissed me in the nek down to my tits and kiss my boobs then he stopped and pul down his pants he dint wear and underpants but when i saw his dick i started getting wetter and i wanted it his dick was huge bigger than my husbands h3e laid me down om the couch and stand over me and siad suck my dick while i sucked his dick i can feel a finger in my cunt it was good after about 10 min he went down on me and he sucked good i never got a sexual exsperiance like this then he sat on the couch and siad i must sit on him he push his big cock in me and it felt like there was a 500 ml coke cola bottel i ride him and it was good then i stand up he pushed my head down over the arm rest of the couch and put his dick in my ass while he play with my pussy we went on like that until he siad his gone and he grab my hair with on hand and push his cock in my mouth and come my mouth full that was i great sex session but my husband doesnt know til this day