Written by Wouter

30 Dec 2015

The year was 1985 I was 20 years old and a had just finished with the army,looking forward to a great future.My original plan was to study engineering after doing my military service and everything was on track,until that fatefull night I rode my Honda Goldwing motorcycle of a bridge after some heavy drinking with army buddies.I woke up in hospital a week later with a broken tibia and broken radius and off course my head injury.I don't remember much of the first few days but I will never forget looking at my leg and seeing like steel rods on my leg and just thinking this isn't good.As the weeks went by I started making friend with the medical staff from porters to the nurses and even the old matron took a liking to me.There was one nurse I really enjoyed talking to,nurse Groenewald.At the time she was 23.She had the most beautiful green eyes,shoulder length brunnette hair that was always neatly tied.I never saw her civilian clothes but always her white uniform.She was very nicely build with the most beautiful perky breast,although I could only imagine how they looked under her uniform.As time progressed she would sometimes when she finished her round come sit and talk to me as the other nurse was manning the station.One evening as we talked one thing lead to another and we started kissing.Even with the fact that I have been in the army I was still a virgin and having this beautiful woman kiss me gave me a raging hard on.She noticed it and with a smile started to stroke my erect penis while we kissed.My hart was almost jumping out of my throat as I ran my hand down her uniform and touched her ass.She let go of my penis and quickly went to my room door and took a look both ways down the hallway.She walked up to me and gave me one last kiss before she lifted up her dress and took of her underwear.She got on top of me and positioned by penis infront of her pussy before slowly lowering herself onto me.I lost my breath as I felt my penis slide in to her.I don't know how long we made love but it was magic.She must have known I was close to orgasm when she got of me and jerked me orgasm.I was so thankfull to this lady as I was now a man!!!Finally the day came that I was discharged from hospital and I went home.What ever happened to nurse Groenewald?Well we started dating and now 30 years later we are still married sitting next to me as we share our story with you.