03 Jun 2016

I met this beautiful lady and was smitten of lust from the first time I laid eyes on her. It was at a friend’s place, she wore a pair of jeans that fitted her body like a glove. We saw each other regularly after that not on a date but in a professional capacity. I didn’t waste time to let her know my preferences. We eventually became good friends. I confided some of my fantasies to her; she even caught me looking at some photos of me and my previous lovers. Some of the photos can be viewed under my profile. Unfortunately she is in a relationship and knows my desire for her.

I had to go to Midrand one day to pick up some spares I ordered and invited her with. She accepted the offer. On the way there we chatted about everyday things. Eventually the conversation took a sexual note. The two of us are by now such good friends that it came natural to talk about these things. Up to now it was only talk and nothing else but as previously mentioned I have the “hots” for this woman. I told her that and she confirmed that she know that already.

I told her that I would like to kiss her all over from head to toe. Normally she would be cross with me,or pretend to be, but this time she encouraged me to carry on. This aroused me more to such a point where I could feel the little guy is busy waking up. She steered the conversation into a direction where I couldn’t take it anymore. At this point she said that it is cruel from her to punish both of us like this and admitted that she wanted to “Do It” with me as well.

I could not believe my ears. Luckily I found a quiet place next to the road, parked the car and the two of us jumped into the back. Being a station wagon helped a lot. We got rid of our clothes within a flash whereby I started kissing her feet concentrating on her toes. She was stroking my dick and balls. My dick was so hard I could swear it would brake if she twisted it in the wrong direction. The feeling was incredible, I was so horny and wet but I didn’t want this session to end. I worked my way up her inner thigh, first the left and then the right. She moaned and twisted her body. That is when I stopped and moved up to her ears, lightly blowing my warm horny breath into the ear teasing the outside with my tongue. She reacted with “Take me, I want it inside me, I want to feel it inside me” I had other plans. Slowly moved my mouth over hers, giving her a deep passionate kiss, while my hands found their way to the pleasure point. She was wet and ready.

I believe in the slogan “Lick before you Stick” and moved my mouth all the way down past her beautiful breasts. Running my tongue around each nipple.My tongue wondered further down, past the belly button, founding his way to the moistness, the pleasure spot. In, Out, Around and sucking had her crazy while she stroked my balls and manhood. I myself was so wet by now. She could not take it anymore and begged me to put it in. I was more than ready for this, wanting to do this from the first time I laid eyes on her. We made love for two or three minutes when we came together. What a lovely feeling.

We stayed in each other’s arms with my dick buried deep inside her for several moments whereby I took it out only to realise that three guys that cutted the grass next to the road surrounded the car and started to clap their hands. I was so embarrassed and my lady friend buried her face in some of her clothes. I managed to get into the driver’s seat and drived away. We managed to put our clothes on while driving. The excitement of being “caught” dawned on us, making this even more exiting. The store was already closed when we reached it.

I had to go back the next day but believe me it was worth it.