Written by Forrester

14 Dec 2011

Transcendental Sex... the experience can't really be described in words coined for the temporal realm, I'll do my best to describe my take on it based on my own experience.

For some sex, primal behavior is fine with undercurrents of domination and submission and all the fantasy driven scenarios that play out. These can be great and open possibilities for exploration and satisfaction of our most primal impulses. To be in touch with one's inner slut is cool for this type of thing.

For TrSx a different mindset must be cultivated.

The woman must be in touch with her inner goddess and completely receptive, the guy must be in the mood to make worshipful offerings and have the intention of doing so.

The place must be safe and comfortable with candles, fragrant oils and rhythmic music.

An element of ritual helps, for instance a purifying bath or swim.

I like to use a little red wine or champagne.

In bed the burst of physical energy that comes to me during arousal was translated into a kind of writhing horizontal dance/massage where I worked her muscles with my hands to get the energy flowing. At some point things quieten down and I use kisses, my tongue and my fingertips very lightly to awaken the ecstatic responses.

The effect on me at this stage is that I start to feel connected to, and possessed by, the process going on between us. I often feel a powerful desire to lick pussy ravenously in search of the electric tingle that can be coaxed out of the clit.

The moment of oneness usually come after some time and when we have been fucking gently for a while and we become still in that position. It is difficult to say how long that moment is because there is no experience of time in the eternal. Never the less the effects remain as increased zest for life after one returns to normal consciousness.