Written by LickSuck69

16 May 2017

The winter had really set in, sitting in my home alone, as my sons had both left for overseas, so to warm the cockles of my heart, I thought lets go and visit family and friends in Gauteng. With all the arrangements in place and my flight ticket bought, and flying out on Saturday at one and arriving at three. My first port of call would be to spend the rest of he Saturday and the Sunday with my friend Joanne, who was a neighbor of ours when we lived in Gauteng. Our friendship had never wayned even though the years had passed by, we kept in contact with the use of the cell phone, now was time to meet again and catch up on lost time, and speak of the good times we had, while living next door to each other.

The flight arrives at OR Tambo Airport, and disembarking to the freezing weather of Gauteng, shivering, with the cold going right through to my bones, thinking how stupid could I be, having collected my baggage and through the gate I go, into the arrivals hall, looking to see if I could spot Joanne, who I had not seen for three years. Standing waiting was this immaculately dressed lady, with her knee length black leather boots, a pink skirt midway between her hips and her knees, with a black sexy bunny jack, which was unzipped just enough to show her cleavage to me, and her dark black hair now on her shoulders, which surprised me because in all the years she wore short hair. Recognizing each other, we grabbed each other round the neck and had a long awaited kiss to say hello. Both very pleased to see each other, we walk to the car, asking if she wanted me to drive back to her home, Joanne said would you dare to drive in the traffic again, saying traffic does not scare me, so I drove, while on our way I asked Joanne, so where will we go for dinner this evening, Joanne looks sheepishly at me and says, been so cold I decided we will have a "Sop and Dop" evening at home. Arriving at her home which was well kept as always, not a thing out of place, Joanne offered me a glass of my favorite red wine, which she had not forgotten, which is Alto Cabernet Sauvigon. Joanne says to me, since I have a man in the house this weekend, it will be nice to have a fire in the the house again. Collecting wood from outside, I made the fire and with in a few minutes the sound of fire cracking and logs of wood making nice flames to warm the lounge. Joanne asks me if I would make my Potato and Ham soup, while she made her home made Asparagus Soup, the breads she had bought from the German Bakery jut down the road from her home. With the soups simmering on the stove and the lounge nice and warm, we both take a seat on the couch in front of the fire place.

We started chatting, Joanne asking me if I ever though of moving back to Gauteng now that my two sons had moved overseas, since my family and most of my friends live in this part of country, saying no Cape Town has grown on me. Asking Joanne if she was still involved with Pierre, who use to visit her frequently when we were neighbors, she said not really because he only comes to visit when he has been out with the boys, and is half drunk, and wants a quick fuck before he goes home to his wife and children. Joanne said she only keeps him around because if she feels like a quick fuck she will call on him. So I said to Joanne not much has changed in your sex life, since we last met, Joanne said she is so use to living on her own and doing her own thing, she doubts she will be able to settle down and get married. Joanne then asks me, how have I adapted to not having a wife after my wife's death, and if I would ever get married again. I said, I found it very strange in the beginning, but am adapting to the situation, but found my sex life has taken a drastic down turn, because you don't always have a person you can call on when I feel like been naughty and having sex with, been a person who has always had a high sex drive and use to having sex multiple times in a day, as you know, because you and my wife were very good friends and you spoke about your different sex lives. Joanne gets up to see how the soups on the stove are doing, I get up and put another few logs on the fire, then fall back into the corner of the couch, Joanne returns, and falls with her back against my chest, saying the soup will be ready in about a half and hour, running my finger through her hair with my one hand and my other down her side and onto her tummy, Joanne turns on her side and cuddles close to me, and starts kissing me passionately and her hand down my thigh, I return her the favor by running my fingers over her breasts inside her bunny jacket, feeling her nipples getting hard, Joanne starts squeezing my body closer and tighter against hers for quiet a few minutes, then lets go and says lets eat before the soups burns. Getting up Joanne and I go collect the soups and some more wine, and come sit in front of the fire and start sipping on our wine, having some soup and bread, having finished eating, we carry on sipping on our wine and chat a little more about our sex lives, Joanne saying she enjoys the use of toys more and more these days as it makes her feel more stimulated, and I said I find myself playing more with myself than I had ever done before, asking her if she though it was normal or not. The conversation then broke into the topic of Fetishes and fantasies, saying many people get the two mixed up or don't understand the difference between the two. With the logs on the fire nearing there life span, and the fire loosing it's heat, we decide it's time to retire to her bed and see where it leads. Pulling back the duvet of her poster bed, Joanne starts unbuttoning my shirt and pulls my shirt off and throws it on to the chair, rubbing my chest with her hands and giving me the odd kiss, Joanne unbuckles my belt and unzips my trousers and lets them fall to the floor, saying you have not changed, still never wearing any underwear. Pushing me on to the bed, Joanne takes off my shoes, and pulls off my trousers and throws them onto the chair, now totally nude, Joanne starts stripping down, off goes her bunny jacket and standing in her sexy Lacey Bra, she slowly unclips the buckle at the back, and slowly removes her size 36 bra, leaving her sexy breasts looking straight at me, Fondling on her breasts, her hands start working down to her skirt, lifting it to show off her sexy lacey skimpy panty to me, slowly removing her panty's down to her knees and finally dropping them to the floor. Now just standing in her boots and her sexy pink skirt, lifting it with her one hand and rubbing her sexy looking pussy with the other, making the odd moaning noise, Joanne unbuttons her skirt and lets it fall to the floor, now just dressed in her boots, Joanne walks over to the draw next to the bed and opens it, fulled to the top with all her toys, taking out four cuffs, Joanne pulls my two arms one to each post of the bed and cuffs my wrists, then taking each one of my legs to a corner of the bed and cuffs them. Now spread on the bed like a buck skin out to dry, and very little control over my body, Joanne takes out all the rest of her toys, firstly taking her vibrator and runs it lightly against the lips of her pussy, from her pussy up to her hardened nipples, and back down to her pussy, slowly walking towards me, still playing with her pussy, Joanne leans over my chest and runs her tongue over my nipples and sucking on them, and hearing the sound of her vibrator, and my cock semi erect, driving me wild with the desire to just fuck Joanne. Joanne stands up slowly and gets on to the bed between my legs and takes her vibrator and slowly lets it rub against my balls, and slowly up my shaft and onto my cock head and between the groove on the head, driving me more and more wild and unable to move my hands and legs, Joanne, knowing she has me at her mercy, she starts rubbing the vibrator more and more over my cock, and from my cock onto her pussy. Taking her one hand off the vibrator, Joanne takes a glass shaped penis dildo from the draw, and sucks on the tip and forces it into her mouth, deeper and deeper it goes until it's almost gone, slowly she removes the dildo, then sucking on the tip, Joanne takes her dildo and slowly forces it into her now very horny pussy. Pushing deeper and deeper into her pussy, she starts fucking her pussy with her dildo, starting slowly and slowly, then speeding up until she is going in and out causing her to start moaning and moaning until she has an orgasm. Removing her dildo slowly from her moist horny pussy and covered in her juices, Joanne licks on the tip and then puts the dildo to my lips, thinking now I am going to get the taste of her pussy juice Joanne takes it out of reach from my mouth, teasing me, pushing it into her pussy again, turning it round and round inside her pussy, Joanne takes it out of her pussy, and with juice and all she puts it into my mouth and says now you know what a dildo tastes like, leaving it in my mouth, Joanne starts working my cock again with the vibrator, leaving the vibrator against the bottom of my shaft, she takes out her string of pussy beads from the draw , standing on the bed Joanne starts pushing each bead one for one up her pussy, just leaving a thread sticking out, turning round and getting on her knees and her pussy very much in my face and the sweet smell of pussy juice and the thread tickling on my nose, Joanne starts suck on my cock with her mouth, deeper and deeper it goes, until the head of my cock touches her throat, biting on my shaft with her teeth, and the thread touching my lips, Joanna slips the thread onto my teeth and says start pulling out the beads one by one into your mouth, start pulling on the beads one by one with my mouth, until I have a mouth full of pussy beads. Joanne's pussy collapses on my face and I start licking on it's lips and forcing my tongue into her pussy, and Joanne swallows all my cream...... All the other toys in the draw is for Sunday evening, before I hit the road again.