05 Jul 2018

So I am going to try and keep this story updated weekly I have done one entry and have edited it and now redoing the first part, hopefully by Friday next week i will have more material, so here we go.

The Topless handyman

Season 1:

Monday is arriving yet again. Another week, another crazy week, he thinks to himself, James is a typical young male, a little beyond his years brought upon by a tough up bringing, which you can see in his eyes, 30years old going on 40. Tall and handsome and full of life, he has everything going for him (though he does not know it). James runs his own business doing maintanance and repairs, he has always had a dream of doing more, something different, abnormal, maybe a little strange, he wants to offer a topless service for the extra entertainment, "get your dirty wor done with something great to look at" as he ponders on some more.

So monday arrives and sitting there in his office chair, James, staring into his computer screen as he ponders over the idea on whether or not to click delete or save, "dammit" he thinks to himself, " lets just go ahead and do it" he clicks send and submits his ad. "Topless handyman at your service", it reads, "Get your dirty work done with something good to look at." Now nervous as he has no idea what to expect, he gathers his things and proceeds with his normal day, " off to fetch the guys" he says out loud as he walks out the door and remembers he is the only one at the office still. James jumps into the work van and starts the car when his "special" phone rings, the number he got just for THS (toplesss handyman service), "THS looking good, how can I help you?" he says as he answers the phone, and on the other end of the call is this tiny cute female voice which says " um, yes hi I saw your ad of the topless handyman service, and was wondering if you could help, my washing machine and water outlet has stopped working can you assist in repairing my washing machine and my plumbing, and how much will you charge me?", "yes hi there ma'am, I can gadly assist you with your plumbing and washing machine, we charge 450 per hour on site ma'am, send me your address and I will be there by lunch" he replies, " yes perfect i will send you my details via email as i dont have a cellphone at the moment, is that ok?" she asks, "yes sure no problem at all I will be looking forward to the email, have a great morning", " you too, goodbye" she says, so off he goes and drops his team on site for his normal business, and works away the first 3 hours with his guys on site, while constantly wondering what was going to happen at the "appointment" at lunch time. with 12 O' clock creeping up slowly, James starts to become a little anxious, he rushes instructions to his team leader on site and heads to his car, opens his email to see if the address had come through, " 33 sunray road riversdale" it reads, no subject no signature no name nothing even the email address had no indication of who, where or why, though he is a little concerned he doesnt worry too much about it as he can look after himself should anything go pear shaped, he punches the address into his GPS and heads on his way. He arrives outside these massive black fancy gates with beautiful flower patterns with leaves and vines blocking the entrance to this long pebble drive way with tall acorn trees on either side, he rings the intercom, and again this tiny cute voice on the other side says, " hi there is that THS?"," Hi there yes ma'am it is" James reponds,"click, bleep" goes the intercom and the beautiful gates start to swing open, he drives on in and up this long pebble driveway and gets to this big and rather impressive mansion with a fountain in the center of their driveway, "something out of a movie" he thinks to himself, he has never seen a home this big and beutiful it was like a hotel, the grass was beautiful and fluffy and green, well trimmed and maintained, the flower beds also very neat and packed with all types of different plants and different colours placed strategically to enhance the already impressive garden. James parks his car, steps out and walks up the stairs when he remembers, "shit I forgot to takeoff my shirt". He runs back to his car and shuffles off his shirt, to reveal this tall, masculine well built athletic body, well defined showing every muscle in his body quite a beautiful specimen he is, he stretches out his muscles and takes a deep breath, which shows off his defined body and big lungs, he runs back up the stairs to the front door, "knock, knock", he knocks on the door, "come on in its open" says the cute tiny voice.

James opens the door and steps inside, into this huge double volume hallway and in the centre of the room standing there looking James up and down is this tiny, cute, and very attractive middle aged woman, standing with a beautiful pink gown round her. James closes the door behind him whilst not removing his eyes from hers, as the door clicks into place and the heat in the room rises as she bites her bottom lip while inspecting this stranger in her home, looking at every muscle in his arms, shoulders and chest and his abs, "oh my" she thinks to herself, satisfied she opens her gown and drops it on the floor to reveal this tiny but rather sexy figure tucked into this tiny, sexy black leather suit, it even had a belt to carry a few toys, of which only a few i can name such as cuffs, a leather whip, and what looks to be some kind of funky key ring, in her hands she held a riding crop. she looked like she came out of a porn movie.

"Holt" she says "not one more step,there will be no names, no numbers, no life stories, no chit chat on messages, you WILL answer to everything i say and you will do so with the response, 'yes mistress', do you understand?", "um...ehr....ah...um" he stammers, as he is shocked beyond words right now, this was the last thing he expected to happen, she cracks her whip on the side of her leg and says "oh man up it will be worth it" as she walks over to a table on the side of the hall beneath this large beautiful mirror, pulls open the draws and pulls out an envelope which looks to be quite densely packed with what James can only assume is money, now James being someone completely new to this fetish let alone this experience has no idea what to do, so instead he decides to man up, he straightens out his strong well ripped body and stands tall and proud, takes a deep breath in and replies: " Yes mistress, but mistress you do realize i am a handyman not a call boy?", she laughs out loud and says in what seems to be a more stern and rather sexy voice, "I know exactly what you are, and you are going to beg me to come back for more! Now follow me upstairs!" she demands, "Yes mistress" he replies obediently. so she leads te way up the stairs, with James following close behind as he cant help himself but want to get close to that cute butt as she makes her way up, the leather so tight it reveals the crease beneath her buttocks as she takes every step, taping her crop on the step in front of her with every step she takes, she reaches the top, turns around to face James as he reaches the top shortly after, she points to her left and she says " all the way down the the end of the corridor the last door on the left.

James makes his way nervously down the corridor slowly as his heart is beating in his head consuming his flight or fight adrenal gland he gets to the door at the end of the corridor puts his hand on the handle pauses as he hears her footsteps approaching still cracking the whip now on the walls beside her. James takes a deep breath as he pulls the handle down and opens the door, presenting long black drapes hanging from the ceiling creating barriers for what seem like little cubicles, looking around in utmost awe, now so consumed by curiosity James has completely forgotten what was happening for a second, he turns to his mistress, "why the drapes mistress?" he asks, "The cubicles creates a sense of close intimacy as the room becomes very small and contained, makes most of my subs less intimidated" she replies. There were harnesses, restraints, swings, holsters, chairs with dildos, and chairs with holes, there was a wall with more toys strapped in their place from strap on dildos to the most random baby teddy bear outfits, this was really like a porn movie or better yet a porn sex world shop, "I want you to go stand next to the restraint cubicle!" she demands as I walk past her she gives him a good clap on his bum with her riding crop, James winces a little from the surprise of the sting but he has quite a high pain threshold so ignoring it came naturally to him, he walks into the cubicle where there is this table top large enough to have someone taller than James be able to stretch their arms out open in a 'y' shape and still not reach over the edge, on the two top corners where the hands would be are these two restraints that have been fastened to the table itself, on the two front legs of the table were matching restraints, long enough to reach the average person with spread legs. "Bend over the table and spread your arms and legs!" she orders James as he obediently obliges, she starts to strap him in first with his hands, then as she makes her way down to his ankles scratching her nails along his back and sides until she reaches his waist she makes her way around to the front of him where his belt is and undoes his buckle, James now getting both excited and rather scared, but because of the constraints he cannot stop her, she pulls open the button of his jeans and then unzips the zip, and pulls down his jeans with his under wear down to his ankles she did this so swiftly he didn't even have time to question it, "lift your left leg!" she asks with a demanding tone, " now the right", she picks up his jeans and undies and folds them neatly and puts them on a near by shelf she comes back and comes up behind James now naked body that is sprawled accross the table top, she gets on her haunches while running her hands down his body to his thighs where she runs her hands in between his legs and forces them open to their maximum point before it becomes too uncomfortable, and she starts connecting the restraints to his legs, first the left, then the right.