18 Mar 2016

The background ...., years and years of an absolutely sexless marriage culminated in me making a decision almost a year after my 63-year old brother-in-law committed suicide that I would explore my sexuality. And boy did I get lucky, because the chap made it truly amazing! I now knew what I had been missing out on for all of these years!

Things built up after that to June last year where I ended up with a week "from hell". I worked every day and played almost every night. I finally told my husband what I had been doing and, more importantly, why! There were a million and one reasons, excuses, differences in memories but I said we could give things a try. Perhaps they could get better between us? There was a huge amount of talk about swinging as a couple, a club was tried (and failed) and a few couples met and discarded .... And so it was .... 7 months later, now December, and nada, nix, zilch!

So onto the new year ... With it now clear that nothing was ever going to happen, I met with B once for a lunch and we chatted a lot. It really seemed like such a waste, I needed the reminder if how amazing it feels to be alive and sexy ... A woman with needs and desires ..... And yes, this was going to happen.

We arranged to meet for breakfast, on the West Rand ... B made it very clear beforehand that there would be no obligation ... I would be free to say "thanks but no thanks" and just walk away .... I was so jolly nervous! It didn't seem real actually, after so long!

I waited outside for B to be there, C was inside already but we weren't late .... Pretty amazing actually .... me with two when I live with one who shows no sign of interest, ever ... We all ordered coffee and a hearty breakfast while conversation flowed relatively easily .... B carefully asked if I needed to get to work, but I calmly said it would be fine ... so off we went ... The butterflies were running amuck now! Was this real? Would I do this?

I was seriously worried thast C hadn't arrived at the venue - had he chickened out or gotten lost, but there he was .... Waiting at the 2nd entrance ... We all trooped inside, and I shyly took my shoes and stockings off ... Boy, but I should have used the bathroom at the restaurant before we left! After the loo I decided on a shower and stripped down and jumped in ... A part of me wondered if anyone would join me but they didn't ....

I wandered through to the main bedroom where B was down to his jocks, and C followed with his interest clearly evident. I was so nervous by now it felt like my heart would jump out my mouth, but I was also extremely aroused. It felt like a dream but it was definitely real!

B and I lay down on the bed, touching each other a little tentatively. I reached a hand out for C too .... I didn't want anyone feeling left out. Memories of how excluded I had felt in an occasion or two when I had been FFM sprang to mind and I pushed them aside. It wasn't going to happen this time.

Two stimulations, 4 hands, 2 hard appendages ...this was amazing!!! The sensations were truly awesome .... My skin felt sensitive all over, my nipples pebble hard and tingly ... The wetness between my legs so wonderful to feel, to know that this was real and was truly going to happen.

B pushed me back against the bed, while we kissed deeply ... This was so hot, and it wasn't a dream, it was real! It's only when I reflect back that I realise again how wonderful it is to have the stimulation and touching to be happening in multiple places, fingertips rougher than my own, hard male bodies on both sides. I love men's bodies! They are so different from a woman's. And while masturbating works to take the edge off sexual tensions, it's just not the same at all. It can never be!

My pussy lips were ultra sensitive and I think I came the first time with just fingers rubbing my clit ... How many I don't know - but they played and rubbed, suckled and touched! I forgot to try and think too much about what to do next ... Let go of all thoughts and staying in the moment. While I felt the wonderful action below, my nipples were suckled and tongued, nibbled and nipped, the sensations tingling throughout my body, and especially ensuring my pussy lips felt electrified ... This was amazing!

And it only got better! B turned and nestled his head between my legs, and the sensations were like nothing I had ever felt before ... It was glorious! C continued giving my breasts all his attention, with hands, mouth and tongue. I struggled to lie still, to fight the urge to cum and cum hard! A struggle I lost shortly afterward! Then B moved around to the side and I felt his hardness gently probing. Running up and down my juicy, soaking wet pussy lips .... I was hungry to be taken! I needed the hardness! As I looked down I realized that B had probably not put a condom on, but it was ok! I needed this now! Hard and deep! I sighed and came almost straight away as he plunged deep! Moving easily without anyone's body weight on me, I could feel my pussy milking his cock for all he had to give ...

Then it was C's turn ... I remember thinking "C mustn't feel left out" ... Oh I could hardly wait .. He was rock hard and large! There was no sign of any softening there! After asking, he came back with a condom and we both fitted it on as it was rather a tight fit..... I turned over onto my hands and knees ... I really like it from behind! A deep hard cock reaches different places and the sensations blow my mind ....

C's hard cock drove in between my slippery wet pussy lips and I groaned with delight! "Yes!" I thought, "take me deep and hard!" And boy did he do so! My pussy was full to capacity! I leaned forward onto B's lap as C pounded me from behind .... I came hard but could feel the build-up continuing without faltering, ever higher and nearer ..."yes, take this hungry pussy!"

And then .... It started to hurt a little .... The first words of warning came back and I tried to ignore them ... "Be careful if you're with a big man .... You haven't done this a lot so you're very tight ... You are not young anymore so your flesh will not stretch to accommodate like it would have done when you were younger" .... "Oh damn!" I thought .... "No no no and damn." I wanted more, I wanted it all ... I could feel the higher peak inside ... The squirty peak I had only experienced once before ... I bit my lip, tried to hide a groan, then finally couldn't help but cry out and say "no, we need to stop, please" as the tears of frustration flooded my eyes .. I felt the magical moment of squirty cum fade away as I sobbed on B's lap ..... this wasn't C's fault! He stopped straight away ,.... A gentle giant of a man, left unsatisfied and only worrying about me .....

Some unfinished business? Oh I do hope so!!