Written by Chatcouple

11 Feb 2014

It is sometimes the more subtle, less explicit scenes that really turn you on. I can remember clearly myself as a second year student at Stellenbosch, studying in a little cubicle downstairs in the JS Gericke Library…when my eyes caught a lovely female student deeply intrigued into her studies…and probably not even realising that she was rubbing herself over her jeans. Watching those well groomed hands and long finger nails slowly and continuously moving over her vulva area, was indeed quite a site…

Myself and A invested in a wireless, remote controlled butterfly some year or so back. We have used it a few times during dinners in upper class restaurants. And when she really gets excited by the vibrations, she looses track of her sounds and her face expressions…I recall the time we were sitting in the Coachman, and by halfway through the evening she clearly had the attention of at least 50% of the men in the restaurant – and I enjoyed being in control of the butterfly…

And then there was the time in Barney’s that I handed the remote to one of the bar tenders. It took him a little while to figure out exactly what he was “opening” and “closing”…and when he finally realised what was going on, he came over “borrowing” the remote a few more times during the evening….

The HUGE advantage of these subtle play sessions is that by the time you get back home, the table has been set…and how..!