Written by Chatcouple

25 Mar 2014

From the desk of Mr Chatcouple :

“Like the clicketie-clack of a train on a track….” High heels, very high heels and stiletto’s all have something other that the height of their heels in common, too. They all have a tendency of catching the men’s attention instantaneously….there is just that something in high heels that is difficult to explain. Almost like freshly done women’s nails shortly after a pedicure or a manicure….

My office block is (regrettably!) still old-fashioned with “private”offices – no open plan. And we are blessed with a not so beautiful, but extremely sexy woman working on the same floor. She wears high heels most of the time (and when she gets tired, she tripples around bare feet). She is an administrative assistant and, due to the nature of her work, needs to wander around the passage fairly often…

And her high heels sound like music on the tile floor of the passage…It really does. I would sometimes just close my eyes and the listen to the music….and hope she would stick her head into my office, too.

Ps. Some of the most sexy pictures I have seen involve high heels either in contact, or close to a man’s genitals….What, after all, makes high heels so special..? I wonder.