Written by vishal

08 Mar 2014

So thank you all for ready my previous story. Sorry this took so long.

So after cumming all over my lady friends mouth and boobs. She sucks the rest of the cum off my cock and balls. With my cock head being so sensitive she kept going making my body convulse all over. She gets off my cock and gets on top of me. She slides her cum soaked boobs over my face. I start sucking and licking my cum off her boobs. “That’s it baby, suck that cum of my titties! Suck them hard and bit my nipples”

So I’m sucking, biting and pulling on her boobs while she aligns her pussy on my semi hard cock. I immediately feel the warm wetness of her pussy. She’s literally dripping and rubbing her pussy over my cock. At this point she’s pretty much in control of what’s happening. After some heavy grinding of her wet pussy on my cock, she shuffles up my body and places her pussy right at my face.

I immediately get the musty, wet smell of her pussy. I stick my tongue out and she lowers her dripping pussy on my face. I grab her by her ass and squeeze it while sucking her pussy all the way from her ass to her clit. Her clit sticks out and I get my lips around it. I pull on it and roll my tongue around it. She grinds her pussy harder on to my face and I can feel her getting wetter. I can feel her pussy juice run down my cheeks and neck. She tastes so damn good. I’m lapping up every drop of pussy juice. She’s moaning loud and gyrating as I suck her harder. I work my finger into her ass. She gives a little shriek but carries on. “I’m going to cum! Just like that!” I keep the pace and carry on sucking her clit and tonging her pussy.

She starts cumming on my face. I feel a flood of wetness all over my chest and face and she squeezes her thighs around my head in waves as she rides her orgasm while moaning in the sexiest way imaginable.

Part 3 still to come