Written by vishal

14 Feb 2014

I used to work for a rather small company where all 10 employees had keys to the office. I was usually the last one to leave so locking up was left up to me. Friday's used to be my naughty nights with my lady friend. She used to come over once everyone else had left.

The first time we had fun, she came over as usual and I was in no mood to go anywhere else. I was horny and wanted to fuck. Before you know it we were on the couch in the break room furiously making out with each other while our hands explored each other’s bodies. Clothes flew off until we were both down to our underwear.

Let me describe her for you. She's about 1.65m tall, with long brown hair, long legs that end off in a perfect tear drop ass which always rippled when I fucked her from behind. She had coke bottle hips which lead upward to very perky 32B breasts. She had a very sexy pussy with long lips that stuck out whenever she was horny.

Back to the story. We’re on the couch. Her hands rubbing my cock over my boxer shorts, I have my on hand down her thong, and another on her breast. She gives a little moan as my fingers brush against her clit. I can feel that she’s already soaking wet. The air gets filled with the scent of her pussy. She pulls my shorts off and my cock springs loose. I’m already hard and ready to go. She looks up at me and gives me a little smile. “You just can’t wait can you?” she said. Before I got a chance to answer her she had her mouth around my cock and she was sucking me hard. Just the way I liked it. I sat back in the couch and enjoyed watching her suck me. She occasionally looked up at me which just drives me crazy. Hearing the slurping and sucking sounds coming from her took me over the edge and I blasted my first load into her mouth. She swallowed half and the rest I shot it all over her boobs. She looked up at me with a smile on her face and the expression that says “we’re not done yet”

Part two to follow