Written by downtoearthguy

13 Sep 2018

have not written for a while, not because encounters have not happened. I continue to suck off and swallow on average 4 cocks a month and I get fucked an average of once a month. However not had any action for a while.:circumstantial, busy with work not finding the day time to meet etc.

Today after three hectic days, decided to just chill in bedford centre at Seattle my favourite coffee shop. always hope something might transpire. love the eye candy .There are several hot regular guys there that haven o clue that i have admired their bulges their arses have had them fuck me hard in my mind and go and one in particular i have even married in my mind lol. hook ups have happened in Bedford in the past not from anyone in Seattle but by hanging out longer than usual at urinals or following reasonable prospects to the urinals and have taken a few loads in my mouth at bedford as a consequence. (not been fucked at bedford all the pity) I have been fucked a few times at carnival mall which is turning into my favourite cock haunt lol. especially late Sunday afternoons, its quiet, cloaks are clean and have floor to ceiling walled cubicles with floor to ceiling doors, ideal for two hungry cock holes like mine to get serviced..)

anyway back to today no expectations didn't want to get disappointed but yes, gagging for cock and cum after a two to three week drought. Seattle proved luckless until a younger chap with a shopping bag passed me and I eye balled him he smiled and i smiled and he turned back at me as he passed ( i made it clear that i turned to watch him go past and he noticed this) he came back walked past me(I was sitting in the outside table area) and walked into exclusive books. i was busy with a final email and couldn't shut down quick enough!!! he came out our eyes met and he walked out turned left past browns and then aorund the corner i though fuck it maybe i read wrong maybe i was just too slow. i stood up putting my lap top back in my bag and true as nuts there he was coming back aorund the corner. he stopped as he saw me standing and stared into brown's windows. i started approaching and he slipped into browns. shit he was asking about stuff and rings were coming out. by this time i thought, OK, i was wrong, but i stood at a window staring inward, he came to the window staring outwards and for the first time our eyes met properly. he quickly turned as an assistant came with a tray towards him i hovered i hovered..alas no bite. i dont think i was wrong, i could feel the "cruising" energy from both of us. either he had no time or decided i was not for him. shit happens. i hovered around as long as i dared and then left the Bedford centre feeling cheated despite no expectation in the first place.

Next stop was Dingo's off north rand road just off atlas road towards benoni, nice manly pub lots of cocks there for lunch and pints, reps and the like, never got lucky there but hoped again... i have sucked off next door at the little lakeside square with the pick n pay , years ago took a wad of hot fresh cum across my face and hair from a youngster, he pulled out as he came despite me trynig to suck him in hard. what a mess but what fun.. dingo's was quiet drat! i did have an eye ball or two with a nice tall gentleman probably a bit younger than me i smiled he smiled and he did say cheers as he left! Drat . i had to go to pick n pay with three draughts in me and now really on heat to do a quick dinner shop. i thought doubt it will happen but fucking bingo!!!!! i hovered at the entrance on the pavement to pick n pay as if waiting for someone. a youngster passed me also with a shopping bag. he smiled noticed my intense stare and said hello i said hello back. he walked slowly to his car probably because he was playing with his cel phone and not because for one moment he was interested or even knew that i wanted him to ram his hard young cock down my mouth fuck my face and dump his load down throat. lol. he seemed to sit in his car for ages then as is the case , you realize there is something else possibly going down. a youngish guy probably 30 or so, decent nice looks not handsome but clean, long sleeve light grey stripe shirt beige chinos came close to me stared walked away and came back pretending not to notice me then walked back and he stopped in front of the ocean basket and looked back and he caught me looking. he went to the window of the chemist just before the pick n pay entrance, stopped looked back and saw me turned aorund and looking at him. he then turned left past the chemist which was the passage way to the cloaks and before he disappeared, he turned his face back and saw me walking. i got to the corner and he had slowed down taking a final look back as he turned right at the end of the passage into the men's cloaks. i followed now very sure i was about to suck and swallow if not get fucked (always have a small bottle of lube and a condom in my pocket when out and about its what you call "pre" planning,) but doubted the fuck part. as you approach the men's cloaks in this passage, you can see a large mirror over the sinks that reflect the 2 urinals on the opposite wall. he was there supposedly pissing as i came to the spare urinal his cock was out he stood back enough for me to see , no piss just a beautiful hardening young uncut cock as he pulled back his foreskin. his head was wet. i unzipped took out my older uncut cock and he made point of looking this was it, it was a hit. i zipped up and walked to the end cubicle only two toilets in here and no one in the cloaks . he followed i sat on the toilet he walked in closed and locked the door and unzipped dropped his undies hauled out his cock that i had already seen. he was hairy his cock a decent size and my mouth opened and shot forward like a a hungry street urchin that had not seen a meal in days. I then noticed the wedding band on his finger. I tasted his saltiness as his cock found the back of my throat i slipped him out licked his shaft i couldn't get to his balls as they were still tucked in his undies. he grabbed my crotch as i sucked down i let go again and unzipped and took out my cock for him, he jerked it pulled my skin back and he ran his thumb and fingers over my head. i lurched forward desperate to unload his balls and he let go of my cock getting the message, he thrust only a few times and he too tried to withdraw as his cum shot out his piss slit but i didn't let him. his cum, not a huge load , tickled my taste buds ,slightly bitter but warm and in an instant his baby batter had joined my beer. he zipped up patted my shoulders as a thank you i suppose and left. i sat a while almost wanting to jerk off but thought better of it. when i meet cocks like this its about them not me. believe it or not i went back outside on the front pavement but after about ten minute pretending again to be waiting for someone , i thought his cock was third time lucky, so doubted for a further miracle and like a good straight granddad, did my shopping and came home..... still eying a couple of hot jocks on my way....