Written by PlettPleassures

10 Apr 2013

So we have been friends with this couple for quite a few years, and up this point it has been pure friendship. But me and the wife have been talking about how great it would be if we can get them to also enjoy the lifsetyle ... The reason for this, we were both equaly horny for the female. She is build like a goddess, 1,58, +- 50kg, brunette, 32a boobs and an ass to die for !!! And her husband is equally sexy ... Well toned body, one can see that he enjoys the gym everyday and from his tight jeans my wife already noticed a nice buldge in his pants !!

To tell the truth, after every vissit from them, we were so horny, me and the wife would jump eachother before they were even out of the driveway !!!

So fortunately I had a good year at the business and had some cash available at the end of 2011 so I decided to bid on our dream beach house in Plett. And as luck would have it I got this mansion at a fraction of what it is worth, thank you credit crunch and ressesion. This place was ideal for our lifestyle, surrounded by sky high walls, situated in a way that not even my closest neighbour can see into the yard, and all the bells and whistles already there, swimming pool, jacuzzi, entertainment area you name it !! And for us as naturists and nudists this was heaven, we never had to be clothed when we are there !!

So we decided to invite them on our first trip to our new "Playground" ...

Me and the wife were more determined than ever that this coming two weeks we were going to get what we are yearning for for quite some time now !! We did however realise this move could cost us our friendship, but we were willing to give it a shot ...

On the third evenng we decided it was time to switch up a gear and go into action !! I made sure the bar was stocked to a point where it looked like TOPS in there !! So we started of with a few drinks and shooters and more drinks and shooters and then my wife made the suggestion how about a drinking game ?! Now I have known her for a while and the moment she makes that suggestion I know she is ready for fun and want to start getting her naughty on.

So after a few rounds of drinking games and some hard shooter drinking I decided to grab an empty bottle and suggested we play a bit spin the bottle ... By now eveyone was quite intoxicated and all good manners mommy taught were long forgotten. So we started to spin and the fun started ....

Now one musn't forget we were all still dressed in our bikinis and swimwear from being on the beach and next to the pool the whole day so we were checking out each other the whole time, and I soon spotted my friend checking out my wife from time to time, but trying to do it so no one would notice, and I could also see his buldge getting quite big in his tight trunks. Now fortunately my wife has also spotted him checking her out and once she realises that she becomes a real flirt and tease ... She moved around the table and sat opposite him so she could open her legs a bit and let him get a nice view of what she is hiding behind that bikini, from time to time I would see her fingers softly running over her pussy also, and everytime she did that I watched him and saw him trying to cover the buldge in his trunks !!!

So when I spun the bottle next and it landed on my wife I decided to go for it, and first asked them if we can push the odds up a nodge seeing we are all adults and this is purely for fun NSA. So all agreed we can push it up a nodge, in fact I could see his eyes lid up with excitement when I made the suggestion. I did however notice his wife being a bit uncomfortable with the idea but after he agreed she quietly also nodded yes. So I decided to go for it and told my wife since the bottle landed on her she must strip down to her birthday suit. So she did. I could see him analyzing every single mm of her tanned well toned body and his eyes stopping dead at her clean shaven pussy and I swear I saw a little devil dancing in each eye.

So she was next to take a spin at the bottle and it landed on the other girl, so my wife decided to take it slow on her and asked her to go topless. So she downed another shooter, for courage I suppose, and then off went the bikini top. Holy shit she had the nicest firm breasts with little tiny nipples, it is like they are inviting you to come and suck on them. I could not help but to stare at them, and my staring instantly made her cheaks go bright red. So after a few more spins of the bottle we all were sitting there stark naked, me and my friend as hard as rocks and ready to plant our cocks deep into the girls. So without asking I decided to move the game a bit and told my friend I've seen him checking out my wife so please go and sit next to her and enjoy her body. I also moved my chair next to his wife and and started off slowly with her as I realised she wasn't quite comfortable yet with what is about to happen here ... i started to slowly rub her shoulder from behind and gave her soft kisses in her neck and I could feel her body relaxing a bit, so while I was busy rubbing her shoulders I slipped one hand down slowly rubbed her one breast. OMG what a nice firm soft little breast he had.

Meanwhile I was checking over to the side and saw my friend was busy sucking on my wife's breasts and she had his dick firmly in her one hand stroking that monster of a cock of his slowly up and down. I in the meanwhile took this petite small framed women and placed her on my lap and we were locked in a kiss like I never felt before, my hands running down her back and frimly grabbing that tight soft ass in both hands, I realised that tonight we were gonna have the time of our lifes here. After we were liplocked for about 15 minutes I took her and laid her down on one of the sunloungers and started to kiss her all the way from her neck down her chest, sucking on both of this small petite nipples, and slowly moving down to her soft moist pussy. She had a nice thin line of black hair guiding me down to the sweet spot and as I opened her legs up to expose her pussy I got scared that my dick was going to run out of skin ... I slowly started to kiss her thighs and moved my tongue down to start licking that moist soft pussy. She had the most beautifull pussy I have ever seen, and I had to spread open those tight puffy lips to expose her now swollen clit hidden bewteen those soft lips. I started to lick on her hard clit and felt her whole body responding my every movement down there. Slowly I started to penetrate her with 1 finger and OMG what a soft tight pussy she had. As I slipped my finger in and licked her clit I felt her hips starting to gain momentum, she was looking for dick and she was desperatly looking for it ... I licked her pussy until she had an orgasm and started to make the noise I last heard when I had captured a mouse in a trap. By now her pussy was dripping wet and I decided to slowly open up those lips and slide just the head into her. It felt so good as her tight pussy swallowed every mm of my throbbing dick. With every shove of my pelvis I heard her makeing a soft shreeking noice and grasping for breath. Slowly but surely I managed to slide my whole 19cm into her, with the first thrust of my, now fully penetrated, dick she gave a big breath and grabbed my legs trying to prevent me from entering her deeper.

I slowly started to slide my dick in and out her pussy and I remeber looking down a few times just to notice her pussy looking like it was going to explode. While I started to move faster I ran my hands over her boobs and softly pinching her nipples, she meanwhile was busy scratching the living hell out of my back. Her body movements and breathing indicated to me she is about to orgasm so while riding her quite fast and hard by now I grabbed her boobs and started to once again kiss her with all I had in me, her mouth now dry from the heavy breathing, her toungue felt so good on mine all of a sudden we both exploded together with a loud schreek from her. I shot my cum deep inside her pussy and I felt her planting her nails hard in my ass, as I thrusted every ml of cum inside her.

For the next few minutes we just laid there on the sunlounger her beautifull petite body firm in my arms, sharing a soft kiss from time to time, trying to catch our breath. Her body was still shivering a bit from the hard fucking. I then realised there is a first time for everything.