23 Mar 2017

I used to belong to a yacht club that had permanent caravan sites for members. I had a site near the bottom which meant there was a fair amount of pedestrian traffic. But it was still quiet and very pleasant.

One evening after a quiet braai and a couple of drinks the then girlfriend starts getting all amorous so it is off to bed. I was sitting, fully clothed, on the bed when in walks the love of my life and gently pushes me onto my back and reaches for my shorts which she removes in short order and is soon kneeling between my legs with my dick in her mouth and my balls in her hand.

Some history right now might be prudent. She loved giving blow jobs and was damn good at it but she never swallowed. She would either move to one side at lift off or take it in her mouth and deposit it discretely in a towel or run to the bathroom. You get the picture.

So there I am lying on my back, in heaven, when the inevitable point of no return approaches. Being the gentleman I am I fore warn her and am given the go-ahead. Moments late the tensions of the week are released and the happy recipient stores it all in her cheeks like a chipmunk.

She grabs her tooth brush and beats a hasty retreat to the tap at the end of the caravan. No sooner is she outside when she bumps into my neighbour who, having a soft spot for her, starts chatting. All I hear is his voice and I am thinking this can’t be good. Anyway soon she is chatting and eventually she brushes her teeth and comes back into the caravan and then punches me on the chest. Turns out she had to swallow or spit it out onto the neighbour’s feet.

Oddly enough she did not find it as funny as I did!