22 Mar 2017

Having dinner with a naughty woman is great fun. More so if the atmosphere is formal and anything outside the norm ‘shocks’.

I have been privileged to have such a lady as company a few times.

One night we were sitting at the Coachman at the PE beach front. The food was good, the view excellent, yet the atmosphere was a bit on the ‘stiff’ side. The waiter was good, but very formal and regularly came around to top up the glasses and to make sure the food was fine. Then I realized Ann was busy with ‘something’. Not sitting still, not looking into my eyes, fussing, yet with a naughty twinkle in the eye.

Then the penny dropped….She was busy taking her panties off. And she had an audience of at least 2 males that realized it ahead of me. After a few more minutes (and a few more admirers) she had the tiny piece of lace in her hands. She then took the wine bottle from the ice chiller and slowly wrapped the lace around it.

And then Mr Hunk, the waiter, came around again. A comfort visit…..and of course to top up the glasses. His hand was halfway on its way towards the bottle when he first saw the lace. He hesitated, turned red, hurled around…and left. Those few seconds (and the waiter’s face) are engraved permanently into my memory.

But the evening did not end there. Ann called the waiter a few seconds later and asked him very politely to please top up her glass…