Written by Missing Link

30 Aug 2016

The venture into this world of dark secrets and a candy store of fun, ( so they say ), was done with both feet and head trying to hit the water first. Although knowing that past experience had served up more complications than a Maths Olympiad, the site says it all ....... they all have to be on the same page, the NSA page, the page that one needs to be on in order to make this lifestyle a true success. Well now jammer om van jou kak te hoor... a message the site seems to express daily...... people its all about a lifestyle, a mindset that brings play out when the rest of the world is forgotten...... where friends can be just that friends, and if their mind planets align GREAT... it is not about falling for a love interest, if so good luck, if not we are on a similar page. Respect each others lives and others they may play with....jealousy surely does not hide here.... well believe me she does. My journey has taught me to check whether the noose tightens around the gonads,or the bungee cord is painfully withered that you will bump your privates in the Swinging abyss... the few who are on the same railway line as me, I thank you...... the slower the process ....the less chance of total shambles

... enjoy, have fun all