12 Jan 2017

We arrived at Jedda International Airport checked through passport control and sat around waiting for the connecting flight to Qatar.

It's hot out there but the terminal is cool and filled with gorgeous looking men and black cladded ladies from head to toe.

This is a cosmopolitan city where both eastern and western mix but very subtly.

I feel amorous. I become aware that my pussy is throbbing and I can't resist the temptation to touch it but I dare not, not here in public. I get up and look around for the bathroom. I need to get release of this intense sexual build up. As I walked towards the ladies room I feel how my juices escape through my pussy lips and it wets my panties.

Reaching the ladies room I found a queue. About 6 ladies all waiting to pee. My thoughts- "I don't wanna pee, I wanna play with my clit and make me come and get rid of this intense sexual need."

Eventually it's my turn. I strip naked waist down and sat on top of the toilet pot my legs spread wide open.

I look down at my pussy. I see the juices - soaking and oozing out. I am in need of a full on hard solid cock inside of me but my fingers will have to suffice unfortunately. I take my brush out of my bag and wiped it clean with toilet paper and gently I eased the handle inside my pussy. It's the first time I'm trying this. I push it up slowly as far as it can go. It felt good but somewhat too hard. I rocked forward gently slowly picking up rhythm as my fingers play roughly with my clit. I was close to coming but I held back. I wanted and needed a more intense climax. Then suddenly the explosion of coming and coming and coming. It lasted at least 3 minutes. My pussy felt alive and amazingly I squirted so intense the orgasm was. I put my legs down on the floor and gently pulled the brush handle out of my pussy. It made a squish sound and it was full of my pussy juice, thick and wet!

Now in the Middle East each toilet has a water spout with which you have to wash your pussy after a pee.

I proceeded to sit on the toilet pot and pee. I looked at the water spout checking it out and I propelled it towards my pussy to wash the pee away. A strong, very strong jet of water shot through the water pipe.

The force was so strong it separated my pussy lips exposing my very sensitive clit! Imagine my surprise when, as I held it on my clit, it started giving me a new kind of sensation and unbelievably the next few moments was utter bliss. The jet of water as it played over my clit and slit, I experienced another orgasm, very intense too. I could not stop in fact I didn't want to stop spraying the water onto my pussy because if I did it would stop my orgasm. I let this strong jet of water play over my clit, my slit and my pussy entrance! It was heaven! Then I placed the water spout directly over my pussy entrance, it felt like a mini penis jutting in and out.

Never ever have I thought I could get an orgasm from a jet of water playing on my pussy!

I was in that toilet for at least 12 minutes - but it was well spent and I was totally and utterly sexually satisfied afterwards although I have to add that there is nothing better than a real cock fuck ever! But a girl has to do what a girl has to when she finds herself in a foreign country with no man to fuck her!

This is an absolutely true story!!