Written by cottonthong

29 Mar 2018

We are very familiar with each other.

There is sexual and mental attraction.

We met to take a nude walk at secrets beach.

It was hot with a mild wind.

Him sun kissed, sexy in only jeans.

Her that silky paleness, white tight shorts and red top, I'm his kind of sexy.

Walking barefoot, crushed shells and sand beneath the feet.

Conversation dissecting naturism and relationships. I the chatterbox not bending ears.

A spot reached and we strip. He lathers me with Sunscreen.

He wears a cock ring.

She is hairless.

We walk.

Fishermen on the rocks. We re-dress. Bottoms only. Perhaps they saw.. We didn't care.

We strip again.

I gauge his desire to hold my hand. A light brush of his as we walk. My arm curls into his lowering to his hand.

It's rejected.

His hand rather finds my hip. Mine his bum.

Our bodies warming as we walk for a distance.

We take a spot out of sight between rock and waters edge. The incline in the shell laced dune.

We sit back to chest. Admiring his strong legs with my hands. His embrace warm. Clenching me tightly. His chest and arms cool to my skin. My tummy and breasts warm to his touch.

I can sense his cock twitching against my lower back.

I twist around.. My legs straddle his thighs..

We embrace and kiss.

I lean back on my hands exposing my now wet wanting pussy. Our arousal inches away from touching.

His hands trace around my pussy... My tummy my breasts. Never touching.

I want him inside me. I don't ask. I know he won't allow it.

"I think we need to go" my time is free his must return to work.

The walk back

The drive to my car.

The goodbye cool. Momentarily hopeing for a kiss goodbye. It's not offered. I don't motion for one.

The thank you "it was nice".

Vastly more for me.

He returns to his office and writes a story here about something else.

I feel rejection.. Or is it rejection? . It's something. I don't know. I know I didn't like that I was out of mind after what I considered a lovely experience. Time to write about someone/something else.

The moment could have been hotter. I wished for more.