Written by Lucky Guy

13 Jul 2015

My story is not ment to shock although it might.Last year I was busy getting ready for work when I had a massive pain in my chest and collapsed.I woke up in hospital two days later,prognosis a hart attack at 29!I was stunned,when something like that happens it fucks with your head and thing that were ones important now seemed so insignificant.Depression took hold of me.One evening I just had to get out of the house and went for a walk.It was getting dark and our local prostitutes were manning their posts.I was passing a old abondoned office building."Hello baby"I heard someone say.As I looked up I saw a black lady standing inside one of the abondoned offfices.She had long extension in her hair and had a short black dress on with boots.Lifting up her dress one could see her clean shaven pussy."Kuku R70 baby"she said as she ran her fingers over her pussy.To this day I don't know why I said yes but the next moment she lead me to a room that use to be toilets.Inside their was obvious signs that people lived in this place,their was also a old mattress full of cum stains and used condoms."Money"she said holding out her hand.I only had a R100 on me gave the note.I don't know what she thought this ment but the next moment she's on her knees pulling down my pants and popping my cock into her mouth.There I'm standing getting the sloppiest wet blowjob I ever had.She let go of my cock and pulled me down to the mattress and made me lay down on my back before she went on to masturbate me.I was in ecstasy feeling her hand around my cock,then it happened.Before I could realised what happened I felt a warm wet glow engulf my cock.I opened my eyes and saw that she had gotten on top of me and slipped my unprotected penis into her pussy.I was so far gone that I had no control,the next moment a just felt the sperm jetting out of my penis and being deposited deep into her pussy.I am no John Holmes but I am sure I blasted sperm against her cervix.When she saw that I had ejaculated she got up and wiped herself with a rag before leaving.I lay there with my sperm covered cock sticking into the air wondering what the hell just happened.I got up,pulled up my pants and went home........Two years later and I am still clean no STD or anything.I know I dodged a massive bullet and I don't participate in unprotected sex anymore but damn that women was magic.