10 Aug 2019

It all started with a message on SH one morning that i thought was going to be a fake again but, decided to send a message back and see what happens.....

To my suprise i got a message back asking can we meet? well i thought for awhile and decided what the hell and made arrangements to meet behind the church by the "pannetjie"

I was a little scared and excited as i have never done this before and never done it without hubby knowing about it.

I got to the spot and left the car running so that i could get a quick get away if this man looks dodgy. A car pulled in behind me and this tall dark handsome man got out the car and came walking towards my car i got out and we introduced ourselves and stood chatting for awhile the road started getting busy so he suggested we go somewhere quite, i followed behind him to a quite spot we flirted with each other and he took me into his arms and started kissing me i felt how my body started reacting to this kiss.

I ran my hands over his body he was ripped with a six pack and a v line. My hand moved further down to is cock and i stopped dead when i felt this huge package in my hand. We felt each other up and got each other worked up but at this point i chickend out and told him i need to leave i could see he was disappointed but he understood we said our good byes and left

A hour later i got a message asking me to please meet up with him again that afternoon as he can not get me out of his mind and needed to see me again i agreed and we met up. As soon as i got there he took me in his arms and kisses again pushing me up against my car so that i could not move his hands running over my body his lips moving from my mouth down my neck to my boobs taking my nipples in his mouth sucking and nibbling on them making me want him. he moved me to the front seat of my car laying me down he moved to my now hot wet pussy running his tongue over my clit licking it sucking on it while he fingered me till i cam over his hand he then slid his long thick hard cock into me fucking me hard making me beg him not to stop till we both exploded.

To our supprise we had people standing watching us we laughed said good bye and left. This went on for two years until he let me know that he will be moving to Jhb.

I never saw or heard from him again.