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10 Aug 2019

After school my career started and came in contact with people of all races . This also resulted in some interracial encounters with some colleagues and their acquaintances and families. Landie was a dark haired, blue eyed young lady with a great appetite for sex. She would introduce me to her friend and the friend's boyfriend nearly 12 years after that first encounter with Esme.

Landie had to attend a meeting at her daughter's school and both of us took a day's leave. I met them at John's place (Esme's boyfriend). It was around 10am when we met. Esme and John did not change much and the looked familiar, but I was not sure that they were the people we met.

After the introductions Landie left and Esme said she heard I have a nice cock. She recalled the two young coloured guys in the Nissan 1400 bakkie who fucked her. She explained how she and her husband visited John to have a MMF. Her husband went to the liquor store and was upset when he returned and caught them fucking. That was against the rules the set.

Well that explained that wet pussy. I mentioned some of the things that happened in the bakkie. Both of them said what coincidence that we should meet again. I learned that John fucked her earlier and that he must leave for work at 1pm and she must pick her kids up from school at 2.

John told Esme to show me how she can touch her toes. Laughing, Esme did as told. While bend over John lift her skirt and pulled her gstring down. He lifted her left foot and took the gstring off. He told her to stay bend but open her legs. With that pussy in my face my erection grew bigger and the bulge was clearly visible in my pants.

Esme's pussy was shiny and wet. John pushed two fingers in her and finger fucked her. She looked over her shoulder and said " you know you won't get it up again. Don't tease me". He said " I'm not fucking you, but he is" pointing in my direction. She smiled. I got behind her, got on my knees and started to eat her pussy. I was not the 18 year old anymore and was more experienced. A much better lover. I licked her clit, lick between her wet lips right to her asshole. Circling my tongue around her ass and clit as I lick her. Still in the bending position she reached an orgasm as I pleased her with my tongue.

She guided me to the bed and said "I want to feel your big dick in my mouth". She pushed me on the bed with my feet on the floor. She knelt between my legs, pulled my pants down and took my dick in her right hand and gave it a couple of strokes before taking my dick in her mouth.

As she sucked my dick, John undressed with his dick rock hard. He had a thick, short dick. Esme stopped sucking me and asked him how did that happen. He said it's seeing your sucking that big dark dick.

He told her to continue sucking me and to spread her legs. He got behind her and fucked her from behind. It was hard and deep strokes. Within seconds they both climax with Esme screaming loudly.

I pulled her ontop of me and she guided my dick in her cum drenched pussy. She wasted no time and started to ride me hard and fast. It didn't take her long to reach her third orgasm and as her body shivered she lay onto of me and kissed me.

I told her to get on her knees. I got behind her pushed my dick deep into her soaking wet pussy. I pulled out and shoved my shaft between her ass cheeks to lubricate her asshole with her juices mixed with John's cum.

I pushed my dick in her pussy and fucked her slowly. I slid my right thumb in her ass and simultaneously pushed my dick all the way into her pussy. I fucked her with long deep strokes while finger fucking her ass. She reached another orgasm and fell on the bed with my dick and thumb sliding out of her holes

I gave her time to catch her breath and asked her to get on her knees again. My orgasm was close. I push my dick in her to wet it with her juices. I pulled out and rub my dick head against her asshole. She said to me that I won't get it in because I'm too big. I pushed two fingers in her pussy and rub her juices around her asshole. I pushed my dick head against her asshole and slowly pushed it in her ass. She moaned, looked at me and said "slowly. Dont hurt me". John looked on as I pushed my dick deeper. The deeper I go the more she moaned. With a quarter of of my dick in her I started to fuck her ass with slow strokes. As she got comfortable with me in her ass I pushed deeper until my dick was buried in her asshole hole. I kept all of it in her for a while could feel my orgasm approaching. I started to fuck her with vengeance and she screamed as i fuck her hard and fast. I pushed her on the bed, grabbed her by the shoulders and shot my cum deep in her ass. I laid ontop of her and pulled my cock out. John said he didn't know that she would be able to take all of me in her ass. Esme said "dit was fokken seer maar so lekker".

We laid and cuddled until John had to leave for work. Esme had her own keys to his cottage. Landie returned and found Esme and I still naked. Esme told her about the bakkie encounter. Thereafter we had some great sessions. Some alone. Some with Landie and John and some with either John or Landie. All daytime fuck sessions.

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