24 Apr 2018

By the time Olivia turned around, there was a wet spot on the sheet where her vulva was – normally a good sign...

This position (face up) could be slightly tricky at times. You first need to decide whether you are going to cover her eyes. Open eyes and blind-folding both have pro’s & con’s. Women generally get turned on much better and easier when blindfolded. But...some women, when turned around, have that ‘please-fuck-me’ look in their eyes. I find it very difficult to cover these up. Hence, in honesty, an eye cover would often be to her advantage and to my detriment .

Olivia indeed had ‘please-fuck-me’ eyes…and at the best of will, I could not cover them…I normally wear flimsy shorts only during the massage, but I nonetheless checked with Tim and Olivia that they would be okay with my dress code. Now Olivia was tugging on my shorts asking me whether I still need these…

The second most tricky thing post turn-around, is how fast you should ‘work’ in order to first maintain her state of arousal before the same is increased. I knee-sat behind her head [this is where you actually need a proper massage bed] and continued with circles down the side of her breasts, across her tummy and back up again. Sufficient oil, the correct hand pressure and patience followed. Circles and more circles, working closer and closer to the nipple areas. Then I concentrated both hands on one breast –for at least 4 minutes on each. Next I moved to the pelvic area with circles from the pelvic, around the vulva, down and up the upper inner thighs, and back. Over and over.

The movement of her hips told me that she was ready for me to start concentrating on her vulva area. By now, Olivia’s lips were wide open and the wetness obvious.

The last stage of the massage is the most difficult one, because most women have never experienced their lips being massaged [a sin indeed!] Starting with the outer lips, one at a time, I used 3 fingers of both hands simultaneously (the lip must be between the thumb and the index & middle fingers) to gently massage the lip from top end to the bottom end and back - almost in the form of a gentle swedish massage. Countless times. She started to moan softly and gently put one of her own hands on top of mine to follow my movements, watching me with those ‘please-fuck-me’ eyes.

By the time I got to her second inner lip, her upper legs started trembling. I never enter the vagina (yoni in tantra terms) with my fingers unless she leads me into herself. Ideally there should be a yoni massage at the end. It concludes the massage better. [No, seriously.] When Olivia took my index finger and guided it into herself, her back started arcing. My trained finger knew where to look for the G and O spots. With my left hand pressing down slightly above the pelvic area to expose her clitoris [the clitoris gets indirect stimulation in this position], the index finger of my right hand circled her G spot around and around. When it finally moved deeper to her O spot, she came almost instantaneously, squirting all over hotel linen. Tim rushed off to the bathroom to fetch a towel. He was just in time for the second squirt. [Although squirting is over rated by men and should never be the aim, it remains nice to watch when it happens spontaneously.]

By the time Tim mounted Olivia in the missionary position, she was half unconscious – it seemed. [And I think he was scared that I would penetrate her first. By this time she was pulling on various parts of my body to get me closer to her.] I sat down on the only chair in the room. And looked at the result of my ‘hand work’ – Tim and Olivia in action. It gave me tremendous satisfaction. I was tired by now. Tim lasted only a few seconds before covering Olivia in cum.

The night lasted forever. Two more baths were run. Olivia wanted to feel that feeling again. And again. Twice I asked whether I should rather leave. [They seemed to get on well without me…] In the small hours of the morning I was finally waved closer. My penetration skills were in demand…It was a bonus night…