Written by Orangeswing

21 Nov 2014

Three months on and wyfie's tummy bulge is now very much visible. The wanton act of allowing her to mate with and get bred by one of the guys from the four couple's we've been swing within over the last five to six years has ensured we( he and I) will be sharing her even more over the next nine months!

Since that very first time, years ago, Jean fucked her and inseminated her and openly admitted he'd love nothing more than to "put one inside her". We all thought it very erotic and it needed a strong emotional and physical link to allow that. Now the years have passed and we have that. We're all comfortable with this, it was wished, desired and Jean has been in our bed more nights than should be legal!!!

It was during the summer vacation in Morocco, that wyfie missed her period. On return home she took a test and confirmed. I thought back to the evenings Jean would sms me to say he's comming later. Kids in bed and wyfie showered, I'd lure her to the guest room downstairs and do all but fuck her. She'd have cum, gotten sucked and tongue fucked until her pussy was wet and ready, ready for Jean. He'd arrive more or less on queue.

Some nights would foreplay, other nights, he'd push her forward her head into the pillow her knees holding up her butt and pussy. First he'd stick his cock in her mouth so she could leave the shaft slippery with saliva or because he wanted her to taste his pre-ejaculate. Then he'd go round the back and push that hard thick long cock home until his balls threatened to follow. Slamming his meat into her, balls tapping her clit, sometimes I'd go round the front and sit so she took my cock in her mouth and got my load down her gut. Sometimes I remained beside Jean, my finger running small concentric circles over her clit while his cock worked her pussy and struck her cervix like she wanted, like he needed to. She'd orgasm and he'd fuck her throught it, until his own joy would wash over him, his semen drowning her ovaries. Other times, we'd switch cocks, fucking her to orgasm but without cumming ourselves.....then when we couldn't hold out, I'd willfully let him inseminate her first, before sliding in on his sperm.

We spent nights not letting her sleep lunch time during week days at his flat, keeping her on her back or on all fours until we didn't have any more seed to push into her womb. It took her months to decide to go off the pill for him and it took months after that before her body would be receptive. We kept at it, at her. Now she's pregnant and Jean's there three times a week. Nursing her breasts and still fucking her like she wasn't pregnant, using her ass and mouth as we please, she's getting the best of both cocks and it's a vicious cycle. The more we fuck her, the more her pregnant hormones will her to get more cock! This must be THE most horniest sex we've ever had.

The erotic stuff is waking at night and feeling the bed move. Jean's fucking her or straddling her chest. Sometimes it's so primal, so erotic to watch that it seems a crime to join them. Sometimes a good morning DP is what she gets before setting off on our work day. Other times late at night, finishing in the shower and going downstairs, Jean is there, in the kitchen, holding her from behind, his hands over her crotch and breasts while she's making coffee. Sometimes she's made to sit and suck his cock before we take her back to the guest room and enjoy her.....This kind of intimacy is possible probably once in a life time. We're enjoying it and making the best of every moment. All consequences anticpated and accepted.