15 Aug 2018

So, Single woman are a mission to meet!!! But when the opportunity arises it can be great fun.

One night I was lurking around the chat room and caught a conversation that the lady in this couple’s profile lived in our area and the man with her lives in another town. They were on the group as a couple but were both married to other people.

As I just don’t have the ability to flirt with lady’s I showed hubby. He entered the chatroom and started a conversation with the lady. They seemed to get on well. She is a professional person with a sexy naughty streak. Not waiting to long hubby chatted with her on WhatsApp. She seemed great, relaxed. We agreed to meet on one of our trips when we were all in the same town. But as time goes it was quite hard to manage. So, we agreed to meet the lady at a coffee shop and the Gent at a later stage. We got to the coffee shop and she was already there. As we approached she stood up and greeted us both. She has a gorgeous body and a bright smile that touches her eyes. I could see Hubby was already interested. I enjoyed that as I was begging to think he became fussy on the single lady’s. The conversations flowed easy and relaxing. I liked her! We shared an awesome breakfast and coffee and went our separate ways. We needed to get to the airport in time as we had a business/ fun trip planned.

As time went the two chatted up a storm. Both were seducing and mind fucking each other. As she is not Bi and that is not much my thing I enjoyed that all the attention was on the Mr. It was quite a refreshing change. The only problem was that we did not get to know the gent as her other part much. We went on quite a few dates and had dinners. The two flirted and slowly driving each other crazy. It was quite some fun to watch. In an effort to get to know the gent better also we made a group. But it was as if the conversation was different. I was begging to wonder if it does not have something to do with the fact that they were not a permanent couple. I think that changes the dynamic and makes it quite more difficult. One Friday after about 2 Months of seducing each other these two had me up the wall. I was like Get a room!!!!!!!!!!! So, I sent her a message with her others half permission why not arrange a play for that evening. She wanted, and hubby did not even hesitate. The curve ball came that I could not join them as our kids had friends over. When Hubby realised this, he wanted to back track, but I insisted. For some reason I found It kinky to know he is out Fucking someone else. Not leaving anything to chance I booked a Hotel room and send them both the time and place. Hubby came home and had a shower. Took some wine etc. I giggled and said babe believe me you will not even get to that wine. The minute the door shuts clothes will fly. This was a long and big build up. He frowned and argued the fact.

Checking in with me to see if I was ok with it as we don’t play alone. I assured him that it was my idea and I found some kink in it for some reason. The minute he left I poured myself a glass of wine and sat by the fire place. My mind was racing. It was like I was playing out this scene out in my mind. I got a message from Lynn’s other half Victor saying that he knows we are meeting up for a play. I replied I would not have it any other way. As he has not met us, yet he just wanted to be assured that she was in good hands. I assured him that my husband is a gentleman and will not pressure her into anything. All seemed good.

Hubby gave me a call to inform me he was at the Hotel. He wanted to know should he check his phone in case I sent a message. I replied it is rude to be on your phone. Put it on silent. The minute the message went through my heart started to pound. What was I thinking? Am I going nuts? If someone told me a few years back I would allow this I would have laughed. But why am I wet at the thought. Why is my pulse racing knowing he is at this moment with someone else? I ended up masturbating to the idea. Getting some release to ease my pulsing clit. I attended to the kids and returned to the fire and my wine. But could not get my mind off the idea. Wondering what is happening. Is it sensual or wild and carnal? I decided to go online and keep my mind busy. It was not helping much. But a guy I chat to some days was giving me some guitar lessons. It turned out to be quite some fun. The next minute the front door flung open and Mr was home! WTF. Why are you home so early? Was it not great? I had so many questions. I thought he would take advantage of the opportunity. He explained that it was fantastic and that he will tell me all about it soon. He said he did not want to stay away to long and fuck up the one free pass I gave him. Ok that sounded quite generous, but I was seriously not expecting it. He burst out laughing as he returned the drinks exactly as he took it. I could marvel in a I told you so moment. I wanted to hear all about it from hello to goodbye. But the kids were around, and our conversation was quite censored. He poured himself a stiff drink and filled my wine glass. Noticing how aroused I was he said as soon as the house quiets down we can go to our room. I would not let him add more wood to the fire. I wanted to go to our room. I wanted to reclaim every inch of his body. Wanted to feel our connection. But even more wanted all the juicy detail.

I decided to go and take a warm bath and put on a sexy nighty. Waiting, ready. As he entered the room he had a wild look in his eyes. The kind of look as he has been hungry for me for weeks but had to wait. As he approached to lean in for a kiss, I halted him and said not detail. He asked he needed a kiss first. I could feel his cock on me throbbing, but I would make him wait. After a long and sensual kiss, he started to go from the minute they were in the Hotel room. As he was telling me to the fine detail I could feel myself starting to throb and pant. He seduced my body wile going into the detail of all the flavours and taste of another woman. To my shocking discovery it drove me wild. He decided to not tell me how he fucked her but rather show me. I lost track of my orgasms as he fucked me hard wile telling me how she felt. How he loved her taste and tight pussy around his cock. We were like newly weds that night. We talked and fucked till the morning hours. There was no part of this man’s body I did not reclaim. But I wanted more. And soon we will have more.