Written by Redrose

14 Oct 2012

I am in the shower, my back to the wall. Allowing the hot water to wash over my body, washing the tension of the day away. I feel the hot water washing over my back. I turn around to allow the water to run over my face, down over my breasts. I throw back my head and allow the water to saturate my hair.

I reach for the bar of soap and form a rich lather on the scrunchy, with the lather filled scrunchy i proceed to clean my neck with small circular movements, slowly making my way down to my breasts. I return the scrunchy to its hook. I reach for the bar of soap and form a rich lather on my hands. I slowly wash my breasts with the rich lather, lingering and enjoying the sensation my hands are causing, my nipples have hardened. I moan softly as I start to wash my tummy, cleaning my belly button. I gradually move my hands further down towards my thighs. I use small circular movements to clean my thighs, slowly moving towards my inner thighs. I gasp as my hand brushes against my pussy. I hesitate and slip a finger inside feeling the moist warmth of the inside, I moan louder as I enjoy the sensation.

Suddenly I feel another pair of hands covering mine and slipping into my pussy, I keep my eyes closed and lean against you. You turn me around slowly until I am facing you, I open my eyes to see your smiling face looking down at me. You kiss me passionately, your one hand cupping my breast and the other one holding the small of my back pulling me firmly against your naked body. As your kiss deepens I begin to feel myself begin to weaken but you are holding me firmly against me preventing me from collapsing.

abruptly you stop kissing me, confused I open my eyes to see the lust and desire I am feeling mirrored in your eyes. You turn me around and make me face the tiles in the shower. You lovingly begin to massage my shoulders, gradually moving down my back until you reach the small of my back and tenderly rub it. I enjoy your massage immensely and moan out loudly.

You move your hands to the front of my body and move them up until you have both your hands cupping my breasts. Using your thumbs you tease my nipples until they harden You begin ti nibble on my ears. I feel your hot breath in my ears and it sends shivers of delight down my spine. You are slowly driving me crazy with desire, I push myself up against your body. I can feel your hard cock against my bum cheeks. his excites me and I press myself even harder against you. You moan aloud and move your hands down my body nor stopping until you reach my pussy, I open my legs slightly allowing you better access to my pussy. You slip your fingers inside me as I moan and lean against your body and encircle your neck with my arms. You remove your fingers from my pussy and move them slowly up my body leaving a trail of love juices in its wake. You cup my breasts and you miss me in my neck. I can feel your naked body pressed against mine.

with your one hand still cupping my breast you slide the other one down the length of my body resting just above my pussy, then gently with small circular movements you tease my clit, as we become more excited you turn me around to face you.

You push me against the cold tiles in the shower and go down on your knees. You part my legs slightly and start to lick and tease my clit. I rest my hands on your head as a soft moan escapes my lips. I feel your tongue gently probing inside me. You lift my one leg and place it over your shoulder, you push your tongue deeper into me and start to suck my clit. I am so aroused now and moan out loudly as I roll my head from side to side. You lift my other leg and place it onto your other shoulder. I adjust my weight accordingly, between pressing my back against the tiles and my legs on your shoulders. You start to tongue fuck me, the sensation of your tongue penetrating deep into my pussy sends shivers of delight down my spine. You slide your hands behind me, holding my bum, pulling me closer to you enabling you to go deeper inside me. I cry out loud as you tongue fuck me deeper and faster.

I start to feel the first wave of pleasure wash over me, my body begins to tremble, you can feel me trembling and start to fuck me faster and deeper, I cry out loud as I climax. You ignore the fact that I have climaxed and keep the momentum up. I slowly start to recover and begin to regain momentum and just as I think I am in control I feel the second wave of pure ecstasy rush over me, this time much stronger than the first. You lick the love juices that flow out of me. Once my body has stopped trembling you slip your arms under my legs and carry me to the bed. You lay me down on the bed and climb in beside me, cover us both with the duvet, pull me into your arms, gently kiss me on my lips. I roll onto my side snuggle closer to you and fall into a deep content sleep