Written by nizwiz

09 May 2018

hi ppl

so this story was revealed to me a year ago that is 18 years of the date it happened.

wife found out I was cheating as I told your guys in the previous story and instead of she fight with me well she took the low in her own hands .

and that is how she told it to me .

was a sunny day and she with my 1st born were at there house staying for few days .

her mom and dad took my child for a visit and left wife .

so she went to bath and came down sitting at the balcony and next thing her nabougher came and sat to chat for few min .

he is married but told her has many problems with his wife .

so she went in the house to fetch some thing from the freezer and that is when she felt some thing hard behand her . a seconed later realised was him he was behind her jamming her and that is when she started to push him away gently but he never moved and started to kiss her neck from the back and cupped her boobs .

she then same time telling him oh no stop it in a way ment go on.

he kept kissing her neck for a min and started telling her how beautiful she is how sexy she is how lucky her hubby is .

so he turned her around and locked with her mouth kissing her deeper and deeper .

at that moment he put his hand on her panty and swiftly he shoved his hand under and felt how wet she was .

she at that moment gave in and started enjoying the moment .

he then dragged her to the tv room and puled her panty down and he went down and started eating her freshly washed pussy .

he made her scream while she did cum many times .

then he stood up and took his pants down so she helped him lol.

gave him a head made his cock harder and harder thought she will finish him there and then but lol.

he pushed her back and he went on her kissing her boobs and up to her mouth again that is when she just felt some thing hard and thick went in her cunt and oh yes was his cock..

her eyes rolled back from joy and he started pumping her and pumping harder and harder the only thing she remember telling him .

don't cum Inside don't cum I n .

he obliged as she said and next thing he pulled it out and started spraying her boobs with his thick cum .

then they wiped it with tissue paper and kised again and he left.

she went to bath again and came down later he mom and dad came back and she pretended nothing happened .

hope your guys liked it .

till the next cheat