Written by Outoftown

14 Dec 2016

Drinks after a long days work always make the effort worth it. There were six of us standing around the circular table towards the back of the bar. It was five thirty, the place was full to capacity and it was loud. I ordered the table a round of tequila and the party was starting to get going. I was flanked by my secretary on one side and the sales girl on the other. We were bunched together so physical contact was inevitable. We hadn't socialized together for a little while and as the drinks kept coming the inhibitions began to erode. We were chatting generally about the day, week, family and fun. The laughter was loud and enjoyable...

My secretary was a mid forties, brunette, about 5'6"without her heals. She was voluptuous with large breasts and mature hips. She kept her hand on my arm as we shared a few jokes and office politics. The sales girl was a bottle blonde, late thirties, about six foot tall and a slim, firm body with small tight breasts that pressed up in her bra to increase her cleavage. She had her hand on my backside with her fingers hooked into my trouser pocket. We were enjoying the social interaction and the three of us were in our own conversation. I noticed that the two ladies occasionally looked at each other rather pointedly and then leaned in towards me to continue the conversation. The sales girl put her lips to my ear and said : "Its very loud here, why don't the three of us go somewhere a bit quieter?" "What did you have in mind?" I asked. "Her place is just around the corner... Why don't we go there and continue?" I got a couple of bottles of wine and followed them out of the busy pub.

I sat on the couch and opened a bottle of wine, pouring three glasses. The ladies excused themselves and left me alone for a few minutes. I noticed that there were pictures of the two of them on the various tables and shelves and assumed they were friends. The brunette entered the lounge wearing only a white silk dressing gown tied in front with a cord. She sat opposite me and from my vantage point it was obvious she wasn't wearing any underwear. she sipped her wine and casually informed me that the two of them shared a house and bed as she rand her hand between her thighs and began to touch herself. I felt myself beginning to respond as my stiffness expanded in my trousers. The blonde entered the lounge and taking her glass sat next to me on the couch and said "I see Daphne can't help herself and started without me..."She was only wearing a men's shirt, buttons open to the belly button. Her small breasts were firm and her nipples dark and erect as she watched her partner press her fingers into her self.

She leaned across me and kissed me. She tasted like wine and cigarettes and her tongue was warm and wet as we explored each others mouths, enjoying the casual intimacy. She moved her hand onto my stiff staff and squeezed it gently as she said "I guess this little guy would like to come out and play. Her breath was warm on my face as she undid my pants and bent forward to take my engorged member into her warm wet mouth. I felt her run her lips around the rim of my head and then she moved to kneel in front of me and pulled my trousers down to my ankles and spread my legs so that she could lick my balls and run her tongue up and down my pulsing shaft. I heard Daphne saying : "Don't be greedy!" as I felt another set of hands on my cock. They were both licking and sucking me as I tried to stay within the zone and resist the ever increasing urge to loose control.

"Its my turn now" said the blonde as she threw her shirt on the floor and stood in front of me, her smoothly shaved lips slightly open as she drew me forward to taste her slice of heaven. She was already wet with her sweet juices as I explored her delicious pussy with my tongue. Her lips were swelling and her clit was hard as I flicked it repeatedly with my tongue and sucked it lightly as she moaned loudly pressing my head hard into her warm wet oyster. Daphne began to move into a a crouching position in front of me and pressed my pulsating cock into her dripping pussy from behind. She moved under me as my shaft ran in and out of her swollen lips, I could hardly contain my rising rush as I tried to keep my tongue licking the sweet slit pressed into my face. The blonde suddenly moved away from my face and I felt her holding and guiding my erect shaft in and out of the wet pussy until I felt a hot stream being emitted over my phalanx and orbs as Daphne exploded with multiple orgasmic emissions of her squirting juices. She fell forwards and my cock made a sucking sound as it escaped it's delicious surroundings. I was so ready to squirt my own pent up load that I stroked my hard, twitching manhood until I cried out as the stream of pressurized liquid escaped my pulsating penis and flew in an arc landing on Daphne's lower back in front of me. I fell backwards, being caught in a set of arms and we lay there for some time.

Friday afternoons were never really the same after that. The twins, as I took to calling them, often left a note on my desk suggesting a repeat session but sometimes the first experience is always the best....