Written by yummynikki

08 May 2014

Swinging or lifestyle which ever way you choose to lable yourself some simple rules most seem to forget. If you married and do it without her consent you just cheating plain and simple. If you single you not a swinger you just single and do what any single person does naturally. Bi woman does not mean gay?! Neither does bi male. Those terms mean that the enjoy sex with both sex's it does not mean that cause a man is bi he will rape u or touch u. As in all things consent is of the utmost importance. Unlike bi women bi men do respect the fact that not all men do it and they don't try to force u into being bi as women sometimes do. Should we exchange numbers and chat it is understood we are all busy people except the house wives some owning their own businesses like myself and others working for a boss. No we don't all have time to sit and chat but every so often a hi and if those are ignored a ok then no worries as u may very well be busy if u think that somebody other than ur partner Understands that u busy some of us do get it and that's our way of saying so. Its not rude but very polite. If you organise a meet and greet and ppl ask if its still on obviosly there has been a melt down in communication and if u rude to those asking u the organiser if its still on then surely u will see there is a problem and fix it not freak out. Being polite to people is something that this lifestyle requires and if U having a bad day its ok we all have them.

Being a swinger is about NOT being judgemental this is supposed to be the place where open minded sexual being are not judged we get judged enough by vanilla's Christians and others no need for us to judge each other. Not all women are models and neither are the men and if u think u are apply for a job a playboy and see if u are.