Written by Hendrik

30 Jun 2015

The following story is for all the Welkom people and written in my best english as I am Afrikaans.For obvious reasons I won't be naming shops by their names and so on but if you know Welkom you will know what I'm talking about.Before the mall or casino existed there was another shopping plaza that stood there,although not nearly the size as the mall but for us back in the 80's it was a big deal.I had just finished my military service and to welcome me home my late parents took the family out for dinner.The plaza had two entrances one on Stateway's side had the entrances of two well known retail stores ,the other entrance in Buiten Street had a couple of shops ranging from a bottlestore to others on the outside.As you entered the glass door you walked into a "foyer"on your left was a hallway that lead to other shops and the other entrance of the retail store.On your right was if I remember correct a pet shop and the toilets and in front of you was the restaurant.It was great being with my family and we were enjoying the evening.As the evening progressed I kept on seeing at table in front of my field of view these four ladies in there early twenties if,I had to guess,drinking wine and ever so politely talking amongst themselves whiles every now and again looking at me an smiling.One lady stood out with her black hair and brown eyes,tanned skinned and athletic build.I remember I kept on hoping they don't leave first.After a lovely dinner my parents,younger brother and sister went home,I came to the restaurant in my own car as I had intended to visit some friends after dinner.I walked out with my parents to the parking lot and saw them off then I rushed back to the restaurant hoping the ladies didn't leave,luckly they didn't.I walked up to the the table and introduced myself to the women and they invited me to sit down.As we got to know each other better I learned that they one I like is a medical student,two of them are law students and one is an accounting student and all were from Welkom and studying in Bloem.I told them about myself that I had just finished my military service and that I was also planning to do my apprentice ship as an electrician.The whole evening the medical student Chantel and I kept on glancing at each other unintentionally of course.When it came time to leave Chantel assuming I had transport said to the other women "ladies Hendrik will take me home"."If you don't mind of course"she said as she put her arm around mine."Of course not it will be my pleasure"I said surprised.We all walked outside together and said our goodbyes.Chantel and I got in my car and we drove to Central Park and sat down on the grass.In those days there was these spotlights shining different colours on these huge trees illuminating the whole tree,there was a purple tree and a green tree and I think blue if I remember correctly. As we lay on the grass I gently ran my hand over her blouse feeling her perky breasts under it.I leaned forward and gently kissed her,she responded with some tongue action.I felt something starting to stir in my pants,after so many months of border service my balls were aching for a good hard fuck.You can only masturbate SO many times.........I could not stand it anymore,I got up and took her by the hand and we got in my car.I will never forget this,I drove around looking for a place we could be private.Now those of you who might remember where today the entrance with the rhino is at the mall use to be a rugby field next to the plaza.Well I saw a open gate at Buitenstreet side their where the parkings use to be.It was dark and private.We got out and I took a seat on my car's bonnet.I took her in my arms and started kissing her,our tongues looked like a koeksister twirled together.I felt my cock getting rock hard."O my goodness you are horny"she said jokingly as she touched my cock.I slowly undid her blouse as I exposed her breasts taking then in my hands and started kissing her nipples.She let out a sigh as my hands found their way under her skirt taking hold of her panty and pulling it off.I stood up and put her on the car bonnet pushing her onto her back as I lifted her legs over my shoulder.My face found it's way to her pussy I took a deap whiff of her pussy before I proceeded licking and eating her pussy.This was getting to much for me,I got up and undid my trousers.My erect cock jump to attention.I lined my cock with her pussy and pussed forwars,slowly my cock separated her lips as I slipped into her,she was so wet.Slowly I started making love to her,pucking up rithm as I got more and more excited.With every thrust I got closer and closer to release,fucking her hard and an animal lust.Her sounds of passion filling the night air as she was approaching climax."Yes yes!Harder harder!"She was screaming under me.I desperately wanted to cum but I was just holding on so this girl could climax.Finally she let out a loud and clear moan and almost breaking my neck as her legs contracted around my neck as well as her pussy clamp down on my cock.This pushed me over the edge as my cock exploded like a shotgun deep inside her pussy.My cock kept on shooting as my balls kept on feeding cum to my cock.I almost passed out as I collapsed on her and rolling of lying next to her with my cock in the air.We knew we couldn't stay there so after catching our breaths we got dressed and I took her home.We kept on seeing each other and started a relationship with me moving to Bloem.Now 27 we are still together married for 23 years with a family.She graduated and became a doctor and I finished my training as an electrician and today run my own business.Although we no longer live in Welkom we will always have a special place in our harts for Welkom and that old rugby field.

P.S.....today I don't condone people having sex without condoms but in those days stuff like HIV wasn't really a issue and as young soldiers were young,dum and full of cum as they say......