Written by Pen

29 Jun 2015

"Babe are you on any birth control"I asked her as we lay there."No I'm not"she said as she looked me in the eyes with a concern on her face as if I would be angry.Hearing this I panicked for a second or two but then the thought of my cum inside her unprotected womb gave me an unexpected rush of adrenalin,so much so that she could see my hart pounding.I pulled her closer and kissed her passionetly.Feeling my penis pressed against her thigh I started getting another erection."Again" she said with a surprise on her face as she felt my cock harden.I just grinned as I mounted her.This time I lasted longer.........That remaining weekend we had sex in the bedroom,the shower,living room and swimming pool.That monday at work our eyes kept on meeting with seductive smiles from her.That monday evening I got a call from the owner of the store.He is opening a new store in Cape Town about 1000km away and he wants me to be in charge of the total operation from setting up shelves to getting stock into the store and packed,it was estimated the whole thing would take two months.Well I could hardly say no to him and as I had no family commitments and as bad as I wanted to be with Lerato I had to go.I had to be at the empty store that following monday.When I got of the phone it was time to cash up the cashiers,as was the practice I would sometimes cash up Lerato last to spend some private time with her while we did the cash up.It was then that I told her that I was going away for a month."Seriously,won't you miss me"she asked."Of course I will miss you how can you say that"I replied."Lerato I think I am falling in love with you"I said as I put my hands up to her cheeks and softly kissed her on her lips."She looked me in my eyes and said"Pieter I love you"as she put her arms around me.I ran my hands down her back and over her ass.I could feel she wasn't wearing any panties and as we kissed I lifted up her skirt.She unzipped my zipper and taking hold of my cock she popped it out.She guided my cock to her pussy and carefully I slipped into her,what an experience having sex in standing up against a wall.Her arms around me holdings my shoulders with her legs tightly around me.my cock thrusting in and out of her.As I came she started to laugh as I got a cramp in my leg.When we finished and walk out of the office the fresh air was nice as the whole office smelled like pussy and sweat.We locked up the store and I dropped her of at the taxi rank.That following Sunday evening we said our goodbyes,it was hard.The next month passed slowly and although I intended to keep contact with Lerato on an daily basis I would find myself getting so busy at work and when I looked at the time it was sometimes 23:00 at night.When I did speak to her she sounded distant like she was hiding something,it might sound strange,but that's the impression I was getting.Insecurity set in and a started to suspect there must be someone else."Can I really blame her,we've never been on a real date but only had sex."I thought.We had a weekend together but it's still not the same.The month could not go by quickly enough.The store had it's grand opening on a Friday,that Saturday morning I was on a bus back home.When I arrived that evening I phoned Lerato and said I need to see her.She said it's late but see works on Sunday and that I should pick her up after work.As soon as I saw her on that Sunday I knew something was wrong.We kissed when she got in the car."Lerato what's wrong?"I asked her.She kept quiet."Baby somethings wrong what is it?"I said in a firm voice but inside I was panicking.Slowly she put her hands on her belly as a tear ran down her cheak,she looked at me and said"I'm pregnant".At first I heard the words but it didn't register.Slowly it sank in as I my mind stopped running.I put my hand on her stomach and put my other arm around her to pull her closer to hug her.I started to weep of happiness at the idea that I was going to be a father.Together we sat there in an embrace thinking what the future will hold for us.