Written by Pen

27 Jun 2015

This story continues from where Lerato and I have had been tested for STD an found to be clean and how I am planning a weekend together for us......Being the branch manager it is my responsibility to create a staff schedule by which the staff saw when they worked and what time to be at work.It was gonna take some planning but I wanted to give Lerato a weekend that she would never forget.Firstly I checked the schedule and saw that she was off that previous weekend and so out of a staff of eight meant she would have a off weekend in four weeks time.I was planning a weekend at my flat but I could not believe my luck as I saw the dates coincide with when my brother and his family would be away at a family gathering of his in laws,meaning his house would be mine for that weekend.Lastly I asked my second-in-charge if he would have objections to us maybe switching our weekends,telling him a small lie that I have to be out of town on that weekend.He's a really cool guy and didn't have any objection.Done and dusted my arangements were finished.The four weeks could not go by any slower.As a kinky twist we both agreed upon no sex or masturbation until our upcoming weekend,I swear I had a case of blue balls and they were swollen!Finally our weekend arrived.That Friday after kissing Lerato passionetly in the storeroom for a few minutes I left work at 13:00,went to my flat to pack some clothes and went to by brother's house to get the keys and see them of as they left.That Friday was torture not having her with me.That Saturday at about 10:00 Lerato phoned me and said she was waiting for me at the garage few kilometers away so I quickly took my car and went to pick her up.As I drove up to the garage she was waiting on the side as not attract much attention to us.I stopped and she got in."How are you"I asked as we drove off."Fine thank you"she replied as the smiled.Maybe it was nerves of the possibility that someone we know might see us together outside the work enviroment but we did not exchange a lot of words on our way home.When we got home we were completely relaxed."Would you like anything to drink.We've got beer,wine,cyder,cooldrink and water"I said while taking a beer for myself."Can I have a glass of wine please"she said as she looked at the spasious living room."Let's have a seat on the veranda it so hot inside"I said as I handed her her glass of wine.I was actually taken aback by how beautifull the backyard was with it's luscious green lawn,sky blue pool,nice braai area and big screen tv.Clearly my brother was making a good living an engineer.Sitting there in the shade we talked and just enjoyed each others company.By my third beer and her second glass of wine it was clear we were both starting to get a bit randy.Slowly she ran her hand over my forearm as we talked while I put my hand on her inner thigh slowly moving up to her crotch area."Wait,wait,wait.Where is your bathroom"she said putting her hand on mine."Let me show"I said as I got up to lead the way.Meanwhile I poured her another glass of wine and got myself another beer and went sit sit outside not before having a quick whizz myself.Sitting there I was full of anticipation of what may transpire between us.If up to the last minute she still wishes to use a condom I will respect it,maybe at the last moment she might not want to have sex which I will also respect I just didn't know.Refreshed she came outside and took a seat next to me."I'm glad you came to visit me today I was really looking forward to this"I said as I put my arm around her and gave her a kiss.She responded by putting her hands on my cheaks and kissing me back.I was getting aroused and felt my cock starting to wake up.I put my hand on her breast and gently squeezed it and played under her blouse.I heard her make soft moans as I did this.Moving down I brushed my hand over her stomach down to her inner thighs and slowly moved my hand up to her pussy,moving her panties aside I could feel she was very wet as my middle finger effortlesly slid into her,she arched her back as she responded to my finger entering her.Gently I started fingering her whiles kissing.By this time my cock was throbbing inside my pants and my balls felt like solid rocks,I needed release and I needed it now.Gently I removed my finger from her pussy and as I got up I took her by her hand and took her to bed.As we kissed passionetly I took of my T-shirt and I unbuttoned her blouse exposing her bra.My shorts quickly followed as well as her skirt.There we stood in a passionate and lustful embrace kissing each other.Impossible to hide my erection anymore my penis firmly pressed against her crotch area.Running my hands over her back I undid her bra and taking it off,freeing her breasts from their fabric prison.I sat down on the bed and with standing infront of me slowly pulled down her panties clearly seeing a wet stain on it."Well do you like what you see"she asked lifting her arms in the air and doing a complete turn."Lerato you are the most beautiful human being I have ever seen"I said."Lay down"she said as she pushed me down on the bed.I moved up a bit to get more comfortable and took of my underwear.My cock stood straight up like a flag pole."Something tells me you are desperate for me"she said as she took hold of my cock and slowly started to stroke it."Yes yes I need you now!"I played along."Let's go"she said as she let go of my cock and lay down next to me on her back spreading her legs."Finally!"a voice in my head shouted."Do you want to use a condom"I asked her as I got on my knees in between her legs with my cock pointing into the air."No"she said as she pulled me closer.I have been waiting for this so long and finally the time has arrived.Being as gentle as I can I carefully rubbed the tip of my penis against her pussy.It felt so wet,warm and inviting.Applying little more pressure her lips opened up and my penis head dissapeared inside her.Pulling out and pushing again cock slid in even more until in was buried inside her completely.Feeling her womenhood completely clamping down on my cock could not be put into words.Slowly I started thrusting in and out.Resting on my right arm I ran my left hand over her thigh as I looked her in the eyes.I never felt such a connection with anyone as I did with Lerato at that moment.I felt I was getting close to climaxing.In a unaudible voice I said"I love you"as I looked her straight in the eye,on her face she had the look of ecstacy.Thrusting faster and faster their was no return.Putting my weight on my two arms I arched my back and with one finally mighty thrust I pushed my cock as deep as I could in Lerato's pussy.I was sure I felt her cervix as I exploded inside of her.At the same moment Lerato locked her legs around my waist,it was like a dam that burst ones I started ejaculating it was as if my penis had a life of it's own,I couldn't stop.Lerato let out a scream passion as she came,the smell of sweat and sex was hanging in the air.Out of breath we just lay there with me still on top of her and my cock in her.I was tired,she was tired,weeks of sexual tension led up to this point.Slowly I rolled of her.Holding her we drifted of to sleep,a few hours later I woke up."Thanks that was amazing"I whispered in her ear as I kissed her cheek."My pleasure"she said his a soft voice and smiled.After a while she got up and went to have a toilet.Only after looking at the stain on the sheets did I realise how much I really ejaculated.When Lerato came to lay down again put my head on her breast and while gently resting my hand on her stomach I could not help thinking about my sperm swimming around in her uterus and what may result from this.