Written by Pen

25 Jun 2015

Reading these stories inspired me to share with you a story of my own.I work for as a branch manager at a retail store and as all managers will tell you is sometimes you get stuck with the keys,and when that happens you lock up.Well one Wednesday evening we finished locking up and we all went our own way,when one of the cashiers(let's call her Lerato in this story) asked if I could possibly give her a lift home as she was the last to be cashed up and her taxi has already left.I always make a point to assist my staff where ever I can and agreed to take her home.On our way home we started chatting and getting to know each other better."Are you married"she asked."No never have and don't think I ever will,don't like to be tied down,are you married"I asked."No"to which she asked"Do you like me" as she gently caressed my leg and slowly moving to my crotch area.I could feel my hart wanting to jump out of my chest as she lightly squeezed my dick and balls."Well yes Lerato I find you very attractive"I replied having masterbated with her in mind on many occasions.About two kilometers from the road leading into the township she said I must pull over to the side of the road pointing to a dark area.At first I was very hesitant,but as she unzipped my pants and put her hand inside my pants taking hold of my semi hard cock,I quickly change my mind and pulled over and stopped at a bit of a secluded spot.She bend over and as she freed my cock from it's fabric prison immedialty started giving me a blowjob."What are you doing"I asked acting surprised but desperatly not wanting her to stop."Trust me"she said.Loosing all sense of time I only came back to reality as she stopped blowing me and started fidgeting in her handbag with her cell phone acting as a light source.Finally finding what she was looking for I notice the blue wrapper of a condom that she is busy opening.All of a sudden I got a lump in my throat because of exitement of what was about to happen.Carefully she placed the condom on the tip of my penis and slowly unrolling it down my penis.The sensation was unbelievable and I got chills running up my spine.She reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties.I declined my drivers seat a bit to get more comfertable.Carefully she got on top of me and taking my penis in one hand slowly lowered herself onto my penis as I slowly slid all the way into her.It was bliss.With every thrust our tongues where intertwined in it's own ballet as we passionatly kissed.The sensation of being fully dressed but still having sex makes it feel even more kinky and dangerious and the fact we are in the dark next to a road,WOW!I tightly held her as we made love.I think she could still have gone for hours but I was reaching my limit.Knowing I had a condom on I didn't let her know I was about to cum.With a cry of ecstasy I pulled her tightly against me and came with all my might deep into her, I was spend.Even after I came she kept on thrusting until she also reached her orgasm.We just sat in our sex position listening to the silence and our breaths in the dark.We knew we could't stay there so she got of me and back into the passenger seat.Using toilet paper from a roll a always keep in the car she wiped herself and put on her panties,I proceeded removing the condom from my cock and was amazed at how much I had came before throwing it out the car window.All cleaned up I drove her to a garage in the township where her dad was waiting for her.The next day at work when ever I we had a chance we kissed in the storerooms.We have both since made the choice and has had ourselves tested for any STD, we are both clean and have now engaged in sex without condoms(a story on its own).We still need to keep our relationship a secret as we are working in the same store and some may see it as conflict on interest.