Written by bigbadboy

09 Sep 2014

I just felt i should share my experience cause i still think about the day. There was a girl i used to chat daily , always flirting , expressing one another's sexual fantasies and always tried to picture what it would be like if we had to be together. We eventually agreed on meeting each other . Went out a few times , nothing out of the ordinary happened just the casual flirting, touching and kissing.

This one Afternoon we decided to meet at this really well known restaurant because it was jazz night and we both felt it would be a really cool chilled start to our week that laid ahead. We started talking as usual , ordered a few drinks with the jazz music setting the mood we both began to get a bit more touchy . I slowly rubbed my hand along her thigh under the white tight short dress she had on and she gently stroked my cock over my jeans as i was getting hard.

Things were getting really heated , I wanted her and she wanted me so bad. She then stands up and asks me to accompany her to the restroom , The great part about this restaurants restroom was that it was not divided into male and female . There was about six Restrooms each one fitted with a toilet and and wash basin.

So i accompanied her being the gentleman that i am and stood outside her door while she was in there . She then opens the door looks around notices that theres no one insight and pulls me in and locks the door. I have always fantasied about fucking a girl in public before i could not believe it was about to happen. I start kissing her neck while pulling up her dress to her waist . She had a white G string on . I moved her underwear to the side and began to play with her clit , i then slid my finger into her wet pussy she moaned and said "I want you" .

She then went down on her knees and unbuckled my jeans , pulled down my boxer shorts and started sucking on my oh so hard cock while looking down on her sucking my cock she looked up. We maintained eye contact as she was choking on my hard cock. She sucked me for about two minutes i then pulled her up and carried her and placed her on the basin where i removed her underwear and spread her legs . I kissed her and whispered " i want to tasted your pussy " she smiled as i knelt down and stroked my tongue along her wet pussy lips.

I stood up and pushed my hard cock in her wet smooth pussy. i gently stroked my cock in and out while she held my ass for support . The adrenaline was pumping through our veins , we knew we had to hurry so that the waiter wouldn't think that we ran off . I began to fuck her harder and faster she said whispered "oh fuck i'm going to come " i replied me to , as she came she dug her nails into me while gripping onto my ass . I could feel her pussy get even more wet ...i had to come i gave her one last trust with my cock and pulled out she went on her knees and sucked me i couldn't hold it back i shot my load into her mouth and she swallowed all of it.

Gasping for air I could not believe what had just happened it was so wild , it may not have lasted long but was truly one off my best sexual experiences ever.

We then washed up . I stepped out first stood outside for a while and she followed . When the waiter came to our table he was like is everything OK sir ??? I replied the lady had one too many to drink could you get us a glass of water and the bill please.

We are no longer in touch but i would never forget that day. Feel free to share your wild public sexual encounters with me.