21 Sep 2018

When I was in high school I was friends with this girl, we got along really well to the point where people always suspected there's more going, but at that age I really was not even aware of girls and was far more interested in playing sports. In grade 10 she and her family went and lived abroad and somehow she till found a way to keep in touch and we would SMS back and forth all the time.

Fast forward a bit to when we were in our early 20's, we still really good friends and spend a fair bit of time chatting , one night while chatting about some random things we end up playing a game of 20 questions and one of my questions was something along the lines of "tell me something I don't know about you", after some silence she confesses to having been a bit nawty while she was abroad, the rest of the conversation went something like this

Me : "this is not the girl I know" I said

Her: "there's so much more you don't know, you never really noticed me in school" she proclaimed.

Me : "to be honest I didn't notice anyone until much later"

Her : "I know"

Me : "So why didn't you say anything"

Her : "We were leaving, I wasn't sure how things would go, but we are coming soon will be really good to see where things leads"

Me : "yeah will be really good to have my friend back, looking forward to seeing you again"

Fast forward some more and a few months later they move back and we are back in the swing of things, one night while chatting she makes me a proposal that blew my socks off. "would you like to be friends with benefits" at this point I was still pretty clueless and she literally had to spell things out for me, laughing at me and saying "gosh you still as clueless about this stuff as I remember".

One night we out just the two of us driving from Betty's bay, she looks over at me and says remember my proposal, thinking she was just being playful I laughed and the conversation went something like this:

Me : " yeah I remember"

Her : "well what do you think"

At this point I pull over as quickly as I could and looked at her

Me : "are you being serious, you know I haven't really done stuff like this"

Her : "yes I'm serious, I've always wanted a little more from you, but you never noticed"

Me : "yeah you my friend and you know I’m slow in this area"

Her : "I know, we can still be friends nothing needs to change"

Me : "ok if you really want to do this then I guess we can try it, but remember if it gets too much we stop, AGREED!!"

Her : "agreed"

After a few minutes of sitting there a bit awkwardly

Her : "let’s move to the back seat"

This when the quiet girl became someone else, she moved closer and started to kiss me and after some warm up she became more vigorous kissing me grabbing me and now she’s straddling me, she gets my top shirt off and is digging her fingers into me

we parked along the side of a road and I'm totally paranoid I'm looking around checking for cars and she could not give a 2 hoots about anything going on around us, i make sure my cars handbrakes are up and doors are locked , she looks at me and says "relax and just go with it stop worrying" I decide to go with it and start to get things really going

I get her shirt off and bra and she looks at me a look that says fuck I been waiting for this for so long, I reach for her breasts and take my time folding them while our lips meet and kiss, this are getting more heated and she’s now starting to gyrate on my crotch and she’s moving with such a motion that i swear my car was literally moving, she pulls me close and my lips are on her breast I enjoy the taste of her breast and move my hand down onto her ass and she lets out a soft moan, leaning forward her ear close my lips, the sound of her moan driving me crazy, i breath on her neck and ear as we groping each other

She gets off of me and we see how wet she is, so wet her jeans in soaked, we hurriedly remove our pants and underwear she sits on top of me again and makes sure she gets my hard cock between her lips, and we looking at each other completely lost in the moment and no longer aware of what’s happening around us

she starts to buck her hips, she’s so wet and as she grinds herself against me she takes me to the point where the tip of my cock is pushing against her entrance and then slides all the way down till the tip of my cock touches her clit, after a few minutes she’s really going hard and tells she she’s going to cum, we keep going and as she cums can’t hold back anymore either and I cum too, she gets off looks at me and licks up some of my cum.

She looks up again and is laughing

She : " the look on your face"

Me : "what you mean the look on my face, holy shit that was fucking good"

still laughing at me

She : " It was hey, I'm happy you enjoyed that"

We both laugh and comment on the state of my steamed up car windows while cleaning up and starting to move away again

ME : "for a quiet girl i really wasn't expecting that from you"

She : "wait till next time and then you see what happens"

Me : "next time!!"

She : Laughing "yes next time"

We made use of that spot several more times and I have never made the mistake of under estimating a quiet girl ever again.