Written by hornydevile

08 Apr 2015

I have been a plumber for a few years and always heard the stories of guys getting lucky on the job. I always thought yea write that happens. Until one Friday. It was a late morning when I pitch up at the house next to the ocean. With a view to kill for. Around the corner a lady wearing black tights and a boob tube came around the Conner. I was instantly hard as those trousers where tight leaving not a lot for my imagination. "Hi I am Carla" came a very naughty sounding voice.

We whet to the on suite bathroom. I had a look at the sou-er head. As soon as i lifted my hands above my head it was noticeable what this black tight wear doing to me. My rod was throbbing and I could not hide it. " so i see you are existed about your yob" . I turned in to a red tomato. Not knowing what to do or say i apologised. Sorry i could not help it I am so sorry. " Don't worry it is faltering that you find me attractive. So whats wrong with the sou er" As i started to explain she start to walk out to the bedroom. Sat down on the bed and waive me closer. I could not believe what was happening. Was this reel?

I went and stood about a meter from her. To scared to enter her personal space. " come close" she be ken me. As i stood closer she moved her leg between mine. Making space for her to slip her hand in under my shorts. She started to play with my rob. Her soft delicate hand. I now started to get my confidence back. Bending over and starting to kiss her. I moved next to her on slipping my hand under her boob tube. Kissing her passionately all over striping her from all clothing. Finlay reveling what gave me away. She was whet and ready for me.

We had a passioned mid morning brake. Fucking for ours and enjoying each others company. Likely i still have to go and sort out the shower. She shad she is waiting for me.