03 Nov 2016

I met Nina online, both looking for unattached sex. She is several years younger and decided to meet an older guy. i lucked out. So because of our busy schedules we agreed to meet once and maybe we might meet again, no pressure or expectations. This was supposed to be a quickie style because we both work in the morning.

She has roommates so my place was the better place to meet at. Looking at the clock often, I was impatient and nervous, wanting to make a good impression no matter, even if we meet only once.

At times I was wondering if she was going to change her mind, and later on she admitted she had reservations after all was said and done. She also wondered if I was going to find her too young.

Finally she arrived, we exchanged a reserved greeting, shaking hands. I felt stiff and uneasy, not knowing what to say, wondering whether it would be better we forget about it all.

She was very attractive, also in the way she spoke and her manners, her eyes. It made me want her.

At one point she didn't know how to act, my eyes were staring into her eyes a lot, making her feel uneasy.

I had to lay it out, how I was nervou, hypnotized by her eyes.

She told me she was uneasy too so we were even. A bit of talking, sharing a drink and I decided it was time.

I was unprepared at my reaction when I kissed her, my heart thumping, the desire, and the eagerness with which she returned my kiss. I was afraid to lose the moment so I didn't wait too long to start caressing her.

She pulled away just enough to look at me, and placing her hand over mine, breathing fast, aroused.

"What?" she asked me. I didn't know what to say but something made me say "Nina, I just want you and make this so good tonight" She straddled me, and before kissing me again she said "just take me, make me yours" Getting more nerve back, I placed my hands under ass, picked her up as she wrapped her arms around my neck, legs around my waist. Nina was a few inches than I am, but she was petite and light.

Taking her this way made me feel like a man and I wanted to show her just that.

In the bedroom I placed her on her back, on top of her and kissing, pressing my erection against her.

She smiled, knowing it was for her, even a guy like me knew this.

After undressing her and admiring her shapes, my only complaint was her padded bra, they were hiding nipples I was happy to look at, ready to receive my attention.

I started by cupping her small breasts, squeezing them lightly and paying attention to her responses.

I got what I wanted once I placed my mouth on them, taking turns. It was time to send my hand other places and she responded, giving me access. She was already getting wet, this was heaven for me.

Having started with my lips and tongue, it was more than a good idea to continue. I made my way down slowly, kissing her everywhere on the way, including her inner thighs, warm, soft.

I started slow and a bit timidly, not knowing how to go about it with her, improvising it.

Legs spread, looking at me with wide eyes, I just looked back her and giving her licks, blowing warm air and pressing my lips on her labia and clit. She had no doubt in her mind I meant to do something special..

After a few minutes, breathing faster, stiffening up, she pushed my head away and closed her legs a bit.

Looking at her with a puzzled look, she went for the truth, telling me she was scared, she never came that way, or any other ways with a guy. OMG how could this be.

To be followed.