23 Mar 2018

So during my high school years I had a large group of friends that weren't in the same school as me,mostly friends from my buddy Rob's primary school days. In this group there were 2 really hot girls,one who I am friends with to this day and her best friend. Short little brunette,I always had a thing for her. She's moved on to new friends in recent years more fitting to her new social standing (SNOB) but back then she was the shy pretty one with the slutty friend! (LOL! WE WERE YOUNG!) I always pursued her,but never successfully,I want to friends etc.was always the excuse...

Anyway,as high school was over and a memory and the friend group dwindled a bit and we all lost touch. A good 6 years later I thought one day fuck it,Im going to look up some of my lost friends. Eventually became good friends with the little brunettes brother and started trying my luck again,by now she had some boyfriend who lived up the east coast somewhere and she always drove of on weekends to him,didn't care so much as I said me and her brother became good mates. As the months went on I started pushing a bit harder to get in with this girl,was real girlfriend material and Cindy (OF ROB & CINDY FAME) kept telling me I need a girlfriend etc.I didn't really care,had all the pluses of having a girlfriend with Cindy and Rob was left to deal with her! HA HA!

One Saturday evening,has to be at least 10 years ago as of writing this little miss brunette phoned me and said there was going to be a big braai at their house for her older sisters biker boyfriends club,I must come through. Being Billy badass with my bike I thought for sure! Pool party piss up and I could sleep over,Im in! At this stage I was like another member of the family there anyway,got on real good with her parents.

So I pull up the evening on my steed and was disappointed at the feeble collection of bikes (OLD TATTY CRAP) so I knew immediately these were the lifer type bikers. Drunkenness,fighting etc. At around 01:00 the morning party was over.

Now for the fun!

I was just pissed enough to be in control,but with extra bravado and little miss brunette's mom had asked that I must please monitor her,because she was a useless drunk that would be sick for days afterward. So I made sure she had just enough to be loose.

As I was helping her clean up and having one last drink and smoke I made my move,went in for a kiss and she took it and when I pulled away she came in for more,I was in!

We made out for a while and was conscious not to immediately go for her boobs,she had verrrrry big shapely DD's and that was always the go to for guys I overheard once,I focused my intention on her pert little bum,I am a ass man after all,but I do love some big boobs like all men !!

My memory is a bit vague on how we got to her room but I remember every detail of the experience. I stuck my hands up her shirt for the first time and undid her bra,cupping each firm heavy breast in my hands and kissed her hard,I was also super hard by now I must ad! I went down to test the waters with my hand by sliding it over her pussy and was expecting her to pull away,instead she thrust her hips forward. Some more kissing and fondling I started to undo her pants,she wanted to take off her shirt,but I said not yet,this I think helped and was part of my plan to show I didn't just want those big puppies.

I sat her down on her bed and struggled to get her tight jeans off,she giggled and I hushed her as her parents room was just down the hall. Pants off and spreading her legs open I dived in eating her pussy through her panties,she was taken aback and I could tell her limited passed experiences was with the little boys who sucked her tits and stuck in their cocks and thrust a few times. I pulled off her soaking panties and it revealed a very wet swollen with lust vagina with a neat little landing strip (HEIGHT OF FASHION BACK THEN!) Now i dined on her without the underwear blocking me and sucked on her clit while fingering her,she was squeezing and rubbing her breasts and with my other hand I went up her shirt and squeezed one of her nipples,she had to fight her moaning and suddenly like she was going to run away she sat up and took of her shirt,I was shocked at the beauty of those breasts. Very big. Very firm and with beautiful little nipples pointing hard! She took me behind my head and pushed me into her bosom,I clasped on and sucked on those beautiful nipples while rubbing her clit with my middle finger. She searched for my mouth and we kissed deeply while she struggled to be quiet.

I was so hard and ready and to fuck it was unreal,I stood back and started to undress,I was to slow I remember as she got up and started impatiently taking my pants off. When my pants and underwear was off my cock stood hard and shiny with pre-cum,I was actually light headed. She took my cock and here her inexperience showed again,she was fumbling and unsure,I helped her by sucking her finger,showing her how to suck a cock the way guy's like and soon I was lying on my back on her bed with my cock in her mouth,I asked if I could titfuck her and she really did not know what I meant,shows the losers that had access in the past we useless! I proceeded to press her breast together and push my cock in between them,this she really liked,I always found it fascinating how some ladies really get pleasure like this. After some of that I could tell she wanted to get fucked as she was thrusting with her hips and I thought not yet,I want to savor this. I went to lie back down on the bed and pulled her with me,turned her around in the 69 position. My hands on her little pert bottom spreading open her cheeks and burying my face in her sweet honey pot. She was in in a state,she would jerk on my cock a bit and suck a bit,but mostly her head was pressed into my thigh and I could feel her heavy breathing.

I slid out from under her and she immediately lay on her back and spread open,hands on her breasts and writhing with her hips. That pussy looked awesomely inviting,even more swollen and parted now from lust. She was in full bloom. I slipped on a condom and inched myself in,she was extremely tight and I knew I had to control this to make it last. I started thrusting,harder and harder and she clamped her legs around my back,I got into a rhythm and stuck there for a bit.

A old rugby injury made its appearances and I could feel my back is not going to make it. I got off her a lay down on my back,she instinctively knew what to do and straddled me and guided my shaft into her. Lying there looking at her little hand on my cock guiding him into her was maddening. She rode harder and harder and I felt I was going to blow,I could feel her reaching climax as she rode my cock and suddenly she let out a deep sigh/moan and collapsed on top of me. I folded my arms around her,pulling her into me and gave a few futile pumps and came also.

We lay there covered in sweat and my manhood shriveling inside her for a while. The next morning I made sure to get out of there before running into her parents.

I wish I could say this was the beginning of something good,but she acted like it never happened and became more and more distant. Like I said it didn't work out and she is engaged i saw recently and have not seen or spoken too in at least 6 years. The friend circle on that side collapsed anyway as they all became boring entitled asholes.

Well,at least I managed to get the one i wanted,and it was worth it! Even if she denies it,I knew that was the fuck of her life!