25 Aug 2016

OK so i have a fetish to meet older women. From school i always fantasied about fucking my teachers at school.

So on one of these sites i managed to hook up with a lady who was a bit older than me. We met for coffee in the southern suburbs, where she lived. She arrived and i actually hadn't seen pics of her - Something i never do, pics are important, they are part of establishing trust up front. If i expose my private bits to you, you should do the same, that way we have knowledge and trust. Its never about beauty and size or looks. We all here for the same thing.

Ok so at first i was worried as she seemed tense and sort of not into this but as we spoke, she revealed the horny side of herself. She wanted to fuck and i could feel it.

Often one worries that people are here for love, thats a mistake. She made that very clear, she was married happily but wanted physical pleasure. We left the restaurant and it was becoming clear nothing was happening today. So i walked her to her car. It was parked on the roof of the parking lot, around the corner and out of site. Clearly she had hidden away here a bit. While i walked i was thinking that i'm walking next to a good fuck. She wanted to fuck and i wanted to fuck, and we both knew it. I started to get aroused. When we got to the car, we were hidden behind a van. I took her hand and pulled it onto my pants where my cock was bulging. I told her that she was free to do what she wanted with me, or tell me to fuck off. I swallowed and said to her, i would fuck her here and now if she wanted. Her hand didn't move. So i leaned in and put my hand on her crotch and started to rub her pussy outside of her pants. She gasped a bit closing her eyes.

Not wasting any time, i wanted to feel her cunt in my hands, i wanted to slip inside her jeans and get wet. But she held back. Very conservative, this was not how to do it. She thanked me squeezing my hand and then got into the car. We said goodbye and i went back to my car feeling a bit light headed. I was almost back at my office when i decided to whatsapp her again. I messaged that i really wanted her and was prepared to come back if she was keen. It was a shot in the dark. The message that came back had her address and a location drop. I turned the car back immediately. Stopping to pick up condoms, i arrived about 15 minutes later. I parked a little down the road as requested and walked back to her house. She was waiting at the door. We greeted like neighbours. I was a simple salesman coming to visit the lady of the house.

No sooner had the door closed behind me and i whirled on her, kissing her hard and grasping her breast. I pulled her hand down to my cock. She didn't resist. She was very surprised at my brazen horny actions but wanted more. Still groping , i unfastened my belt, pulled down my zip and released my cock into her hand. She immediately froze and pulled me back towards what must have been her spare room. As we got in, she leaned down and took my cock in her mouth. Hungry to suck me, she didn't waste time, pulling my pants to the ground. She feverishly sucked me, wanking me and sucking. It was like it was something she had wanted to do for some time, and was so happy to find someone wanting to share the same hornyness. She pulled and sucked my balls. turned me and kissed my buttocks, all the time fondling my cock and balls. Eventually i had all my clothes off. I had had a hard workout, my body was hard and horny. I peeled her clothes off, making sure to constantly hand fuck her as i took each item off. Her cunt was surprisingly tight. I could only get 2 fingers into her. She was greyish blonde and her cunt hair was very thin and blonde. Her cunt lips were swollen with desire. I remember thinking that if i had met her 30 minutes ago, i would never picture here here right now, about to fuck me 69. And thats what we did. Still finger fucking her, with her mouth firmly sucking my cock, we went down on the bed almost without missing a beat.

She was so tight. She was a large woman, with large white thighs and some rolls on her belly that i pulled back to get my face inside her. I was on top, and i was able to plunge my cock into her mouth but it was quite difficult to get my tongue inside her at the same time. I kept pounding her cunt with my fingers.

I remembered another lady that was similar to this, and the trick was to slow right down, look her in the eye and keep a good steady rhythm, speaking to her gently. That lady at the time, came so quickly that she apologised, she squirted which was a little out of her control and something she had clearly held back in the past. Her squirt had leaked out onto my hand, as she apologised i dived in licking at her cum which made her explode even more.

Anyway, back to this, something similar started to happen. She leaned back now, still handling my cock, but much more focussed on my actions. She closed her eyes and rocked her hips as i slowly and gently fucked her cunt with my fingers. I kept rolling my thumb onto her clitoris. Not all clits are the same. Hers was tiny. Had a small hole at the top, which i licked repeatedly. She seemed shocked that someone would suck her cunt, clearly not something that had been allowed before, but she loved it.

Complete submission at this point. Now i pushed her thighs open wider. I wanted her anus around my cock. To do that i had to see if she could take it. Wetting my fingers and my tongue exploring her cunt now wide open and exposed, i ran my finger to her anus. At first there was no reaction, then her pelvis started to move a little bit faster. I kept my finger on her butt hole and applied pressure, slipping in a centimetre only, then pulling out and licking it with my tongue, each time more urgently. Moving my tongue from her clit down to her anus, in steady rhythm then plunging my fingers back into her cunt, to frigg her to higher levels and then back on the ass. She was very hesitant, her anus was tiny, a virgin, but it was wetting and relaxing.

Shw was a willing learner. Eventually i was in to her ass up to my knuckle. Keeping it there i shifted around, to get my cock into her cunt. Fuck me, she was tight. I grabbed a bag slipping it onto my cock surprisingly smoothly. She watched and indicated it wasn't necessary, but thats not how i play. My cock went deep into her, she wasn't flexible, so pulling her knees up and back was uncomfortable for her (Deep Stick). I hate the missionary position, so i did a side angle scissors, where i interlaced my legs with hers, making a rear entry. This allowed me some hand action on her clit while my cock fucked her from the back. I was hoping to slip my cock into her arse and then finish her off with my hand in her cunt, but that wasn't going to work. I turned her over slightly, almost a lying down doggy style and proceeded to fuck hard and rhythmically. By now she was making a lot of noise. She was grunting and lost most of her inhibitions. She was now fucking my cock hard. When i saw her pleasure , that was me going over the edge. I wanted her to feel and smell my cum, she had wanted to eat my cum. So while i was fucking hard, i ripped my cock out, pulled off the bag and turned down to plant my mouth on her sticky wet cunt. My orgasm had started already, and i was holding tight to stop it, but it was useless. As i brought it up to her head, my squirt literally jizzzed over her face. I was sucking her hard and thrusting my hips into her face. She managed to catch my swirling cock and took my last few squirts deep in her mouth. She was sucking my cock hard, seeking out the cum, not just swallowing, she was savouring and tasting me. Scooping it from the side of her face back onto my cock as a sort of lube, she hand pumped me harder holding her puckered lips over my cock tip, milking me for everything she could. I wanted her to finger fuck me at that point, but i literally could not get the words out and we hadn't really covered that detail much. Exhausted we laid back on the bed for a while.

It was pretty much over for that day. The nice thing about fucking like this, is we both don't have hangups after. We fucked, cum , chat and have coffee and move on for the day. No hangups.

Needless to say i have been with teacher 5 times now, a lovely lady of age.