Written by Betty

04 Apr 2016

She sat at the office another boring day of paper work and emails and moaning clients. she started to daydream about the hot steamy sex she and hubby had the night before.

It was about 4 in the afternoon and the office had emptied she got a text from hubby asking if she had any panties on, she blushed and could feel her cheeks going red, as she knew she dint have any on.

She locked her office door and turned down the blinds, the office was now completely empty she was alone, she hiked her dress above her soft sexy hips placed her delicate feet up onto her table. She opened legs nice and wide and started to feel her moist pussy, she started to massage her breast with one had whilst moving her clit from side to side up and down as much as she could bare without instantly coming.

She pulled her nipple and inserted two fingers in her soaking vagina, she started moaning softly as she started to move her hips, she breathing became more and more heavy, her moans louder and louder, as she came and gave out a load moan, she heard her office door creek.

OMW she thought she had locked the door, she hear a ummm as she turned around she was surprised to see her husband standing in the door with his pants to the ground and his penis rock hard, she came around the desk and pent over, he entered her and and spanked her like the naughty girl she was.

He continued to ram her hard and fast until they both came with a mind blowing explosion.

She keeps wet wipes and toys her her drawer now as this has become a weekly date.....