Written by willing slave

13 Jun 2013

Its 2 am, I'm out jolling with friends, you and I met online and have been chatting for a month...that night you decide we're meeting, nevermind that you're involved. I take a drive to the place you suggested. I'm tipsy and nervous, and thinking what the hell am I doing?? As I get there you flash your lights and all I want to do is turn around and run, what if you're some serial killer or you don't look like your photo or the chemistry is not there in the real world. But something compels me to get out my car, you come walking towards me and I feel me knees want to buckle. Not a word is exchanged between us, you simply pull my head towards you and kiss me so passionately, biting my lip and tangling your fingers into my hair that all I can do is mold my body to yours or I'll fall. You push me back against me car and push ur other hand down the back of my jean pushing your finger down the crack of my ass, and you lift my leg around your waist and rub your deliciously hard cock against my throbbing clit. I want to cum right there just like that. You pull away and I mewl like a pup that's been deprived of her mothers teat. The first words you say to me is I will own you. My only response can be yes. You pick both my legs up and wrap them around your waist, using the side of my car as support, I clasp my ankles together and you pull my zip down and push your hand into my wet and waiting pussy, finding my clitring, looking into my eyes you start fucking my clit and then suddenly u put me down and turn me around, I'm so fucking wet I can't think straight and I beg to feel your cock take me but you don't, you bend me over and hoding me by my hair you use your other hand to fuck me the feeling of having your fist open me and stretch me open brings my orgasm in a gush and leaves me weak. And without warning suddenly your cock is in me fucking me so hard I feel like I want to scream, your hands have ripped open my blouse and my titd are exposed to the cold night air. You rub and squeeze my nipples I feel your cock starting to squirt your cum deep inside me and I pull away swiftly and drop down on my knees in front of you and worship your cock with my mouth. You fuck my mouth so hard I gag, but you give me what I want a mouthful of cum. But you're not done...you open the back door of my car and push me back onto the seat, my pussy exposed to your mouth and again you take my cunt and fuck it with your fist but this time with your tongue fucking my clit at the same time. I cum again and again begging you to stop but you growl at me 'shut up bitch you belong to me". The pain and pleasure is too much for me I start squirting into your hot mouth. Only then do you stop and straddle me, fucking my mouth again, pulling me up by my hair and gagging me with your cock. You pull me up just before you cum and position me on top of your cock and command me "fuck me like my good little whore" and I do when you cum you force me to open my eyes and stare into my eyes and while you're cumming my pussy full you tell me "you're mine and you will be bound to me till I release you" its 3 years later and now you own me completely, you are my master, and your wishes command me...