Written by LickSuck69

12 Jun 2017

Chris and Mandy had left for Australia, and the house stood empty for months, with the only activity been a sold notice, telling me that someone had agreed to move in, but not sure when. Then the day of reckoning beckoned on me, the removal truck arrived at the door, with the message "Easy Removals, done for you, nothing to big or to difficult, our service will be your Pleasure, by Easy Removals." The new owner arrived shortly afterwards, very friendly, knocking on the door and introduced himself as Bruce and said pleased to meet you, and off he went, to complete his moving in. Over the next few days he greeted over the fence, and seemed like the neighbor you would want to have next door. Days went by without seen Bruce again, then suddenly he appeared again and invited me for a sundowner drink with him. Not wanting to be rude or unfriendly, I accepted his invitation, while sitting on the patio overlooking the splash pool and watching the sun disappearing behind the mountains in the background, sipping on his beer and me sipping on my wine, Bruce started opening up to me, he said he couldn't wait for his wife to arrive from Gauteng. I said funny I also came from Gauteng, and can understand him been so friendly, because all our neighbors in Gauteng were just like Bruce. Bruce explained that the law firm he was employed by had opened up a new office in Cape Town, so that was the reason for him and his wife for relocating to Cape Town, and his wife would be flying in on the week end. Both been very career orientated, so there was no time for children. So after a few drinks the evening ended an I returned home next door, wondering what his wife looked like and if she would be just as friendly as him.

The weekend had passed and no appearance of his wife or him, which made me think was he a very jealous husband or was his wife a very shy person. The days went by and slowly his wife started appearing in the garden, working in the garden, cutting and pruning all the shrubs and flowers in the neglected Garden. As the days got warmer and warmer so less and less got her clothes, until she was just about working in the nude, just in her bikini bottom, taking a splash every now and then. Wondering , surly she can't be shy, or did she think no one could she her, so I did not greet her, because it could embarrass her and it could end our friendship before it even had an opportunity to blossom. It was Sunday morning and a friend of mine Stella, who had stayed over the night were sitting on patio which came off from the bedroom, contemplating what should we do for the day, when Bruce shouted from across the garden wall, would you like to join us for a braai, Stella answered that would be great as I would like to meet you both, asking Bruce what should we bring, he answered nothing just your body's with you. Stella and I looked at each other, and said this could be very interesting, not knowing what to expect, we got ready dressed in very summery clothing, very little and very see through. Stella in a pair of shorts cling to her bum, with a T Shirt which read, " Only Here For The Fun." Over we went, with a case of beer and six bottles of red wine.

Ringing the door bell, Stella and I smiling at each other, and wondering who will be opening the door. To our surprise his wife opens the door and introduces herself, I am Bruce's wife Janine, wearing a skimpy pair of shorts and a T Shirt with the wording, "Do You Need More Of Me- Be Cause I Need More Of You." We all walked through to the patio overlooking the splash pool, where Bruce wearing shorts and a T Shirt with the wording "Be Ware," was already busy with the fire for the braai, I introduce Stella to Bruce , he gives Stella a great hug and a kiss on her cheek, and said welcome to the land of fun and games. With the drinks poured and Janine busy in the kitchen, Stella looks at me and said what will the fun and games be, smiling at her, I said, just lets wait and see. Bruce asked Stella wouldn't she like to join Janine in the kitchen, so the two of them could become more acquainted, so Stella went off to the kitchen to join Janine. Bruce takes a seat next to mine and said you didn't tell me about Stella the other evening, so that could change the plans for the day, but we will see. The fire ready and the meat on the braai, the two ladies come from the kitchen and join the two of us around the fire, not knowing what the two of them had spoken about in the kitchen made me more and more suspicious of what Bruce had earlier said to me. The chatting started on a very light note, just finding out more and more about each other, the more drinking been done the more liberal the chatting became, looking at Janine's T Shirt, I said Janine are you referring to me, Stella just laughs and said just what I told you about Peter-John, the two ladies took off their shorts and tops, standing just in their sexy panties, took a few steps and jump into the splash pool. Bruce looks at me and said do you like what you see, because Janine said she really liked what she saw of you, that's why she wore that T Shirt today. With the meat read and the salads on the table, the ladies climb out of the pool, and join Bruce and I at the table, with the wine flowing with the food and the afternoon turned into evening , plans get made for the next weekend, Stella and I thank them for the day, leaving for my place next door. On arriving home and before Stella went on her way, she said Peter-John I have got some great news or stories for you, with the couple next door, we won't have to go very far to have some great fun.....Janine had some very interesting fantasies which she told me about, and I told her about mine. She even asked about the sex life between the two of us, but I told her she would have to wait and find out in time to come. Hopefully the next weekend will follow soon.