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The neighbours wife

Let's just say when quarantine is over, she'll get the fucking of her lifetime.


2 minute read

So this happened just before the lockdown. I have this sexy neighbor, she has long sexy legs, blonde hair, a rack to die for and a fat fat ass. Whenever I hear her coming home from work I run into the garden to pretend that I'm doing some work just to get a look at her. I've only ever spoken to her a handful of times, she has the sweetest of voices with that sexy Afrikaans accent. Her husband is somewhat of an alcoholic and is almost never home on the weekends and knowing this I took it to my advantage to try get some mature pussy. I made my way next door, knocked on her door with confidence and as she opened it I instantly got rock hard. She was wearing a pair of yoga pants showing off her camel toe and a workout top, I assumed she was about to do a workout and apologized for interrupting but I also asked if I could join her, she said yes and I knew I could try and flirt my way into her pants. There we were doing some yoga, I was a nuub so she kept helping me, we spoke about her hubby and that's where I found my opportunity, she complained about him and work. I offered to give her a massage, she confessed to me that this was the first time in 5 years that a man touched her like that, I suggested that she cheats or has an affair and jokingly offered to be that man. She got up, looked at me and this is where the fun started... We started to kiss, her lips were soft and tasted like strawberries, I picked her up, threw her on the couch and off went the yoga pants. She was wearing a red thong, this was the gateway to a freshly shaved pussy that tasted like honey. I put my dick into her wet pussy and it felt like heaven, I pounded her pussy while she moaned and screamed my name. We moved to the bedroom where things only got better and better... I left after about 6 rounds of sex and I fucked her the next day after her precious hubby left.

Tags: affair, neighbour

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