Written by madmax_1

09 Jan 2015

It was the sunday morning, the day after my birthday. The evening before I went out with some friends and there being a designated driver means the other 4 of us partied hard. I was sitting in my lounge feeling sorry for myself and telling myself that was the last time. I heard a message come through on my phone but had no interest in anything apart from trying to feel human again. After about 15 min I secieved another message. Thinking it might be work related I opend them and was surprised to see it was from Alice.

Alice is a very stunning woman I worked with 3 years back. She have left durban after her divorce and moved to Jhb. We were very close friends and although I always had very sexy thoughts bout her we never had sex before. During the time that she went through her divorce we often used to go out and spent quite a bit of time together. We joked around and made the od sexual remark but that's where it stayed.

I decided to give her a call to see how she was even though I was not feeling to good. She answered and when she heard my voice started laughing having noticed my suffering. She told me she is in Durban for a few days and she's coming for coffee. I gave her my new adress and directions and about half an hour later she arrives. I have in the mean time had a shower and was only in my boxers. As she cot out of her car all I noticed was her long smooth legs and firm boobs. I didn't know if I was feeling better seeing her or worse cause of my condition.

We greeted, hugged and couldn't help but feel her boobs press against my chest through her thin tank top. I then realised she is not alone. She introdused me to her friend Janet. Alice is very well biuld, red hair (real) and lags and boobs that men can write poetry about. Janet is a bit shorter than Alice, black hair and deep blue eays. Probably a bit older than alice who is 38.

With the introduction out the way and we inside having coffee we catch up on old times. Alice sitting next to me and half facing me kept touching my leg as we spoke. Her nipples were clearly visable through het tank top. This caused my cock to start waking up and started getting a mind of his own. Looking at Janet I could see all the way up her short skirt as she sat across from me with her legs crossed. My cock growing by the second and I was beginning to feel slightly Embarrest at me having a hard on and wearing boxer only. There is no way to hide it effectively. To get my mind off things and to try get my cock down I suggested we go for brunch, my treat. I was hoping to het an excuse to have another cold shower and dress properly.

Janet remarked I don't seem to be in any condition to go anywhere. Thinking she was ref to my barbie I replied that only a good meal will sort me out. Her quick reponse was that no food will sort out my condition. I realised with a shock that she was ref to my hardon. I didn't know what to say and just smiled.

Alice lost the plot and was not on the same page as Janet and I said she agree with Janet and will rather make something to eat. She jumped up and dived into the deep freeze and fridge and started making some food. Janet went to help her and that gave me a gap to change. No cold shower though.

When I returned Janet called me a chicken for changing my shorts and its obvious she let Alice in on my earlier condition. She didn't say anything but I could see by the way she looked at me. Alice asked me if I have an apron for her as she don't wna stain her dress. I told her somewhere in my cupboared and she mmust help her self.

She returned shortly wearling my apron I use when I braai and when she turned her back to me I thought I died and went to heaven. She had nothing on under the apron. My cock had a mind of his own again and now I was agreeing with him. Janet smiled a very naughty smile and said she's hot and took her top off. She had bigger boobs as Alice and sagged a little but still very sexy. At this stage my mouth was so dry and had to say something.

Told them that they sexually harrasing a self inflicted sick man. Alice said by what Janet told her I am not all that sick. Janet asked if I was by that time cured and came over to loosen my shorts and dropped it to the floor. My cock was rock hard and throbbing. Alice told her not to let such a cock go to waste and Janet took my cock in her hand and slowly started stroking it. Every time pre cum accumelate on my cock she would look me in the eyes and lick it off then swallow my cock and give it a few deep sucks. Alice was pinching her own nipples every now and again and at one stage said she should have fucken me before she left. I told her its never to late. Alice came and stood next to us and I undid the apron and started sucking her nipples. She moaned in delight and told Janet she wanted to taste my cock. Janet took over the cooking and Alice swallowed my cock all the way. I thought I was eskom and needed to load shed but I managed to hold it back. Within a few minutes I felt my cum rushing up my cock and told Alice I am gna come. Alice gave me another few sucks and then started wanking me. Janet saw this and took my cock in her mouth and I bacame eskom and load shedded. My knees went weak and my come dribblid out the corner of her mouth which she could not manage to swallow.

I collapsed on the couch and Janet continued to slowly lick and suck the last drop of cum out of me. Alice said the food is done and we dished up. We were all to horny to enjoy the food and all we talked about is sex. Janet said she have never had sex with a 3rd party present but she is curious about it. Alice said she had an encounter with another girl when she was a teenager once but can't remember much about it as they were both in experienced and didn't know what they were doing.

I told them that now is the time to relive Alices encounter and satisfy Janets curiosity. Janes wanted to but unfortunately she was on her period and said she was extra horny due to that. Alice came up with a solution that Janet can take care of me with oral sex and she can do the rest. Janes showed her agreement by sucking me again but this time she went to town on my cock which was getting hard again rappidly. I kept myself busy with sucking alices boobs and fingering her pussy. She was dripping wet and maoned all the time. I felt her pussy clinch and pulled my cock from Janets mouth, pushed Alice onto her back. With her legs over my shoulders I pushed my cock into her slowly and kept it burried in her a few seconds before pulling it out and repeating the process. Every time I puched my cock into her it felt tike she is getting tighter. She told me to fuck her hard. With that invitation I did not hold back. I fucked Alice deep and hard, my balls slaming against her pussy lips, she's moaning nearly screaming. Next thing she grabs the cusion on the couch and shove it in her mouth to muffle her screams. I fucked her hard through her orgasm and when she relaxed I slowed down to slow steady deep strokes. Janet had her hand in her panty rubbing her clit. She was in her own world. As I was fucking Alice slowly I saw her tensing up and shaking her head from side to side saying not again not again. I picked up the pace steadely and next thing Alice exploded into orgasm, cusion back in mouth muffeling her screams, her whole body shaking and her legs straight and ridget. I fucked her through her orgasm again ind as she started to relax I took my cock out. Janet was on my cock like its the last in the world and sucking it like she is possesed. I sucked Alices bussy which was sooping wet with a huge stain on the couch. Suddenly she grabbed the cusion again and I knew she was close and inserted 2 fingers into her rubbing her gspot while licking her clit. She shook and as I removed my fingers she squirted all over me. On the spot I could not hold back and let go and shot my load down janets throught.

We all collapsed in a bundle catching our breath. Alice saying sorry for squirting all over me and I assure her its been a life long fantasy for me.

We took turns showering and got dressed. By that time it was late afternoon. We went out for supper that night where the flirting and teasing never stopped.

3 days later I got a call from Alice saying that Janets period is finished and she is so horny that she can climb the walls. I told her that she have my place on her gps. Will write that soon.