26 Feb 2019

We have been chatting off and on for about a year now. Historically the chats have been fairly one sided with me doing most of the chatting and she has been humouring me. But the few chats we have had and the few pics I have seen, have kept me hooked. She is witty and funny, and open and so fucking sexy.

She has a great relationship with her hubby, they are both allowed to play outside the marriage, though only she really does - and then she shares the pics and stories with him - which he loves. I have been trying to arrange to meet with her (or both of them) for ever, but she has just never been comfortable with it.

Over the last two weeks, something has changed. If I had to hazard a guess I would put it down to two things:

1: She is going through a horny stage

2: I have been sharing some erotic stories of mine with her, which I think she has really enjoyed and these have made her even more horny.

This has led to us having much sexier than usual chats, some pic swapping and just a general naughtier time together (all via WhatsApp and email). But today is different. Today, after sharing one of my stories, she told me that her hubby was away for work for the week and she is free this evening to meet - for coffee only.

Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity and while I didn't know of any coffee shops that were far away from home that we hopefully wouldn't bump into anyone we knew, but close enough to make the travel quick enough, we agreed on a bar, in the Edenvale area and said we would meet there at 7. I promised that they served coffee.

I was there a little early and got a table facing the door, but out of the busy middle of the pub. I sat nervously and waited. She arrived a minute or so after 7, wearing tight jeans, a black top and she looked more gorgeous in real life than in the pics I had seen (probably didn't help that most pics had her head cropped off).

I stood up and waved, she waved back and walked on over. We said hi and sat down, the conversation a little strained and awkward, so I am sure we were both glad when the waitress came to get our orders. I ordered a whiskey and when she ordered a coffee, I added 2 tequilas to the order …

We chatted about arb things and when our drinks arrived we had a toast and shot down the 2 tequilas. The conversation lightened and we became easier with comfortable in each others company - we ordered some more tequilas, and the flirting really started. We started chatting about things we had messaged each other before, and some fantasies. At some stage our legs began touching and we shifted to that we could touch each others legs while we spoke.

I asked her to do me a favour and to run to the bathroom and take off her panties for me. She looked as though she was going to say no, but then ran off and when she came back a minute or so later, she took my hand and put them in - they were blue and lacey, and when I put my hand to my nose, I could smell her sweet pussy juice on them.

My hand slid up her thigh and over her pussy at the table … she moaned in appreciation. I leaned over and whispered in her ear. "How about we move this to the hotel next door?"

She nodded in agreement. I left cash on the table for our drinks, and grabbing her hand we ran out of the pub, giggling like naughty kids.

The hotel was right next door, we didn't even have to move cars - and I walked up to the desk and booked a room for the night. Not a fancy hotel, more of a motel, but I was sure it wold meet our needs perfectly. Checking in took exactly 5 minutes and we were heading to our room. Our room was on the third floor - and as we stepped into the elevator my hands moved to her tits - her hands to my cock.

Her tits felt amazing, and I could feel her hard nipples pressing through her bra and top, my cock hardening under the warmth of her hand - pressing uncomfortably against my jeans. The elevator beeps and the doors open - we stop just long enough to make sure that no one is standing there as the doors open and my hand moves back to her body, feeling her warm pussy through her jeans as we try an crab walk to our room.

We find our door and place the magnetic card against it, it beeps and we hear the locks move out of the way. She pulls down the hand and we step inside. Before the door is even properly closed and before any lights are on, I have her against the wall, my mouth on her neck (no kissing on the lips allowed) my one hand under her top playing with her tits and the other trying desperately to undo the buttons on her jeans.

She reaches down and helps me to open her jeans before her hands move to mine. She fumbles a little with my belt, but it is soon open, as are my jeans. We stand there in the dark, my hand in her jeans, my fingers sliding over her moist smooth pussy as her hand is in my jeans, stroking my now rock hard cock. Her hands feel amazing on my cock, her strokes moving from the base of my cock, all the way over my head then back down. My fingers sliding gently over her pussy, gently touching her clit and feeling her body shudder a little each time I did that.

I pushed down her jeans and as my hands went down, I knelt down - pushing them to the floor. I helped her step out of her jeans, and then with her back still against the wall, I hooked my one arm behind her leg and lifted it over my shoulder as I leant forward and kissed her exposed pussy.

I slide my tongue slowly from her clit all the way down her slit and then back up again and then using my free hand, I parted her pussy lips, exposing her clit even more. my tongue pressing hard against it as I slid a finger deep inside her.

I turn my hand so that my palm is facing me, and slide my 2 fingers deep inside her, slowly all the way in and then all the way out before pushing them in again, deep, hard, fast and all this time my tongue applying pressure to her clit. Her body arching into my face, he juices running down my chin as she drips over my fingers and tongue. Her leg which is over my back hooked in and pulling me into her.

I love the taste of her and the feeling of my fingers deep inside her, sliding them up and down, faster and faster, my fingers going all the way in, up till my knuckles, my tongue moving in time with my strokes. I hear her moaning, her hands now running through my hair. Her orgasm explodes, her moaning almost a scream. Her body shaking , her weight on my shoulder as her pussy contracts over my fingers, her hands pulling my head and my tongue hard onto her clit as she rides the wave of pleasure.

When it has passed she unhooks her leg off my shoulder, and cupping her hand under my chin she stands me up. She turns around so that I am now with my back to the wall and she kneels down. She pulls my jeans and boxers to my knees and slides her gorgeous wet lips over my cock.

She takes nearly my whole cock into mouth and bobs her head up and down on it. I lean against the wall, my eyes closed. Her hands playing with my balls and the shaft of my cock when her mouth moves back. She stops sucking me every few strokes to lick my cock head and stroke my hardness. My one hand, flat against the wall, my fingers clawing at it with pleasure, my other hand now in her hair - urging her mouth back onto my cock.

With all the might I can muster, I gently pull her back off my cock, which is wet and twitching with pleasure and kicking off my shoes and stepping out of my jeans I move her towards the bed. She walks up to it and climbs on, still on all fours. I stand behind her, on the floor, and using my hand, gently push her down between her shoulder blades so that her boobs and face are on the bed, her ass up in the air. With my thighs, I part her legs a little more and then position the head my cock, wet with her saliva at the opening of her pussy, dripping with her juices.

Grabbing her by the hips I pull her back onto me, her pussy opening for my cock as it slid all the way into you, till my hips are against your butt. We both moan with the pleasure of it. as I pull all the way out and then push all the way back into you. The angle of your body making each stroke feel amazing, the head of my cock rubbing up against your inner walls. I start to move faster, ramming into you and I mile when I hear the bed starting to squeak. I hold your hips tight, keeping you just where I want u, your ass and pussy up high for me as I slam into you - stroke after stroke. I feel your body move an I know that you have reached backwards and you are rubbing you clit while I fuck you.

As I slide deep into you, I feel your fingers touch the base of my cock - fucking you as deep and hard as I can. Faster and faster. I feel myself getting close to cumming, and I let you know. You tell me that you are ready for me to cum. Just before I explode I pull out of you, and holding my cock in my hand, I shoot my thick cum all over your back, ass and pussy.

I stand there with my cock in my hand, breathing hard, watching my cum dripping down off your pussy and onto the bed. My juices mixing with yours.

I step back and you climb off the bed. We go to the bathroom and turn on the lights - the first light we have turned on since we arrived at the hotel. We both look flushed and messy - we both look like we have had a good fuck. We have a quick clean up and get dressed, then walk out of the room.

We walk past the reception area with as much dignity as possible and then head to our cars - a kiss and hug goodbye and she is off. I climb into my car and feel something in my pocket, I reach in and pull out her blue panties. Sniffing them again I smile, and head off back home.