Written by Mike du Toit

25 Jun 2016

She was the manager and worked in admin department over the driveway in the trading estate where we both worked.i was maybe 15 years her junior and never for a minute even thought of the possibility of sex.Two things worked very well in her favour firstly I was a very young fit and hardworking South African secondly I couldn't subtily help noticing her beautiful features.Her platinum blond hair her penchant for leather trousers tight pushup tops and triump wonderbras.A few comments back and forth between us and we soon found ourselves down at her local pub for a pint or two.Soon we were back at her apartment and after some wonderful kissing she began to fondle my swollen cock through my work jeans.Expertly unbuttoning me she had my semi erect manhood and was wonderfully working me in her hand my balls also getting some of her expert attention.Before she could slip to her knees I had managed to unbutton her blouse and free from their tight captive bra the most wonderful pair of large but firm DD tits which proceeded to swing free as we kissed more feverishly.Before I had enough time to properly handle the or pinch and suck at the tight and erect nipples she had got her mouth level with my hips and proceeded to engulf my hard cock in her soft warm mouth.My swollen head and cock were sucked gently and firmly with such expertise that her guiding grip on my shaft were quickly able to coax a notable amount of precome into her mouth.My swollen balls peering over my elastic and in disarray had some of her attentions.She was a woman who clearly was aware of the power she held over us as well as one who loved the pleasure of working a man and taking him in her mouth.Before the reflex of my quickened breathing could warn her of the impending reflex of my orgasm and the inevitable stream of warm hot semen bursting in her mouth she had us move over to the bedroom.After unwrapping a condom I was admitted between her lovely warm thighs where she parted and took the full length of me.She lovingly held me in her arms as I enjoyed the sensation of her warmth.Presently unable to contain myself I exploded into the most delightfully exquisite orgasm.What a privilege needless to say her work was always done to a slightly higher level of satisfaction.