27 Mar 2017

It was a nice discovery the other day to find a smartphone-triggered vibrator in a local shop. The vibrator itself comes in the form of either an egg (vaginal stimulation) or a butterfly (clitoris stimulation). The beauty of the gadget lies in the fact that a lady can wear the same in Jhb, whilst being stimulated from PE via smart phone - an altogether great invention.

A few years back I was member to 2 couples that set off to dinner in a restaurant with our women equipped with wireless remote controlled butterflies. It was all pre-arranged for an evening of public foreplay – in an as subtle as possible way. The idea was to exchange controls at some stage, me “stimulating “ the other woman and vice versa. (Mind games are strange. Even though all are well dressed for dinner, just the idea of me “stimulating” the other woman (almost a stranger), was a huge turn-on – albeit by way of a wireless remote.)

What we did not realize, was that seemingly these remotes operate at the same frequencies (or there about). When the first remote was first operated, both ladies responded equally well to it !!

It became an evening during which us 2 men took turns in stimulating the women. Clit-fitted butterflies are intense stimulators. And it soon was apparent that the ladies would not be able to entirely hide what was happening to them. The “mmm’s” started soon. Eyes were shut and faces with a “that-is-so-nice”-expressions started to develop. Neither is it (seemingly) possible to sit entirely still when stimulated in this way. Like always in similar scenario’s, some men are quick to realize what’s happening at the table next to them, and become an audience. If the audience continue to manage the scenario correctly, it enhances the erotic experience for all.

And then came another surprise…Geoff noticed that one other women, a few tables from us, also tend to respond when the remote is operated. Needless to say that the research began. Fact or myth ? Are we stimulating a 3rd lady, too? Hence: on for a few seconds, off for a few, we continued. And came to the conclusion that one of our remotes “controlled” a 3rd woman in the restaurant. Bingo! Their remote, however, did not have the same effect. Or could it be because our own remotes were more off than on ? Who knows….

Only very later that evening did the 3rd woman and her partner realized what was happening. And their search began...Who was it? A few minutes later Geoff held the remote control triumphantly in the air when Mr&Mrs Third's eyes scanned via our table again. We did not stop, though and much later in the evening we all exchanged numbers. And undertook a repeat at some stage in future.

We left the restaurant after good food, good wine and with 2 (3?) completely satisfied, yet exhausted, and happy women. What more can you ask for?

(We checked afterwards with the suppliers of the vibrators, and learned from them that it operates in the “unregulated frequency zone” (whatever that may mean), and as a result it is UNLIKELY, but possible that they could operate each other.) Hiehie.