Written by Goddard81

25 Aug 2016

Before I get started first abit about me. I work for Goverment and travel alot, and I love it. I am mischievous and love the lifestyle.

I was on my way out to Israel, Due to logistics I flew Etheopian Air great flight. I happen to sit in the emergency exit at the window my favourite spot. Next to me was the beautiful woman, Her husband sat in following ro after the isle.

We made small introductions and chatted briefly about the flight and our plans. After dinne the Cpt turned down the lights so people could sleep. The woman later explained that her husband was already sleeping as he had taken some sleeping tablets.

She caught me looking down her top and smiled, i couldnt move my eyes away fast enough as i started to blush. she shifted so i can get a better view. I was intrigued and slid my hand under her arm and started to rub her the next thing a knew her hand was under my blanket rubbing me i was starting to get hard, she then lifted the arm rest between us and lay down on my lap she put the blanket over her head and procceded to suck me. next the the air stewardess walks past looks at me knowingly and smiles

i slid my hand down and lifted up her dress she wasnt wearing any underware. i started to rub her then slid my fingers in her she felt so tight and wet. we decided to try the bathroom for all that know the bathrooms are small. i sat down as she sat on me and guided my hard cock into her. Damn she was small she started to ride me harder and harder. i started to rub her then all of a sudden she stops and starts squirting damn i started cumming deep inside her she fellt so good.

we cleaned up and walked out the same air stewardess was there and said the next time is her turn. I got the womans number i will be in Israel in November again.